We're web-famous.

John, Rachael and I (P|R peeps) are in New Orleans for some client meetings. Tonight we went to Acme Oyster House in the French Quarter for supper. Knowing they have an "Acme oyster webcam", we called Brad in Nashville to see if he could see us. Sure enough... there we were. We were really there! See evidence below. *wink*

PS: It was fabulous.

John had the New Orleans Medley. Rachael had a turkey po-boy and fries. I had the peacemaker po-boy.

nummy num nummers.


Fat Straw, Lucky Pup and earthdog

John and I popped over to Fat Straw for a bubble tea in the Edgehill Village (at Villa & Edgehill near Music Row) and noticed that there is a new store, the Lucky Pup Boutique & Bath. They have all kinds of homemade / organic dog treats, toys, collars, beds and even a FREE doggie bath area. As we perused the collars and leashes we were happy to see they carry earthdog collars / leashes and stuff. They are great collars and are made right here in Tennessee by Kym, Dave & crew. How cool is that?!

Anyway... just thought I'd share. We're in the market for a larger collar and harness for Tank... earthdog is in our sights. I love all the natural colors and the feel of the hemp material.

So... go check out the Lucky Pup and earthdog. Support local businesses and families who run them!


Tanky's favorite place

He's getting so BIG!

New fence!!!

Came home for lunch on Monday to find a completed fence! Yay!!! Now
Tanky has his very own dog park. We love it!

Thank you Harry & Debra Conley... Your work is impeccable.

And, thanks to Mandy for referring us to the Conley Fence.

Sink recluse...

A brown recluse was trapped in our sink at work yesterday. Brad found
it. I took a picture of it. Eric killed it with his bare hand...