Thanks to Sarah for sending a reminder that this weekend is daylight savings... time to move your clock ahead by one hour.

Saturday's TPS pics

Saturday is your last day to catch some incredible songwriters performing for TPS.

Here are my top picks:

3rd & Lindsley
818 3rd Ave. S.
ph. /615/ 259-9891

7 p.m. - $10
Karyn Rochelle, Casey Beathard, Robin Lee Bruce
, Trey Bruce
9:30 p.m. - $12
Dave Berg, Jim Collins,
James Slater, Bekka Bramlett

12th & Porter
114 12th Ave. N.

7 p.m. - $7
Kim McLean, Devon O’Day,
Leilah Heyman, Robin English
9:30 p.m. - $10
Dillon Dixon, Tommy Conners, Kostas, Marc Beeson

Douglas Corner
2106-A 8th Ave. S
ph. /615/ 298-1688
9:30 p.m. - $15
Mentor Williams, Dennis Morgan, Cowboy Jack Clement, Michael Clark w/ guests Dobie Gray, Lynn Anderson & Ricky Ray Rector

And... as I've said in every post... you can't miss with the Bluebird shows either... but you'd better have reservations. Otherwise, it's a roll of the dice.

I'm going to the late show at 3rd&Lindsley for sure.
Still trying to decide on the early show.
See you out there!

Friday's TPS picks

Here are my top TPS picks for tonight:


Douglas Corner
2106-A 8th Ave. S
ph. /615/ 298-1688
7 p.m. - $15
Bob DiPiero, Tony Mullins, Rivers Rutherford, Craig Wiseman

The 5 Spot
1006 Forrest Ave.
ph. /615/ 650-9333

7 p.m. - $7
Rick Beresford, Deanna Walker, Chris Mann, Keeley Valentino

12th & Porter
114 12th Ave. N.
7 p.m. - $15
James Dean Hicks, Carolyn Dawn Johnson,
Jennifer Hanson, Jimmy Wayne


The Basement
1604 8th Ave. S.
ph. /615/254-1604
9:30 p.m. - $10
Erin Enderlin, Tommy Karlas, Odie Blackmon, Kim Richey

12th & Porter
114 12th Ave. N.
9:30 p.m. - $12
Anthony Smith, Matraca Berg, Marcel, Bobby Terry

3rd & Lindsley
818 3rd Ave. S.
ph. /615/ 259-9891
9:30 p.m. - $12
Wendell Mobley, Keith Stegall, Neil Thrasher, D. Vincent Williams

And... if you can get in... you can't miss with the Bluebird shows either.
Good luck with that!

I'll probably be going to Douglas Corner early and 3rd&Lindsley late.
See you out and about.


Thursday's top three TPS pics

Here's by top three TPS picks for tonight:

The Basement
1604 8th Ave. S.
ph. /615/254-1604
Nashville Scene Show
9 p.m. - $20
Will Kimbrough, Pat Buchanan, Rodney Crowell

The 5 Spot
1006 Forrest Ave.
ph. /615/ 650-9333
6:30 p.m. - $7
Celeste Krenz, Rebecca Folsom, Jon Vezner, Sally Barris

3rd & Lindsley
818 3rd Ave. S.
ph. /615/ 259-9891
9 p.m. - $15
Anthony L. Smith, Richie McDonald, Frank J. Myers, Trent Tomlinson

Of course the Bluebird shows look great, too... but all of those shows are sold out.

See you out there!

Fabulous four ITR

I'm at a loss as to where to begin describing my experience at 3rd & Lindsley last night. I went to see Jeffrey Steele, Chuck Cannon, David Pack and Mac Davis... yeah... that's what you read... Mac Davis. The whole thing was nothing short of amazing.

Thanks to Lala (who had a pass and was able to get in early and save a few seats) we had a prime table right at the foot of the stage. We were no more than five feet from the performers and I was sitting smack in front of Mac and Jeff. Awesome.

Now you all know that Jeff is one of my favs... so I'm not going to get into a big Steeley love fest here... he was spectacular, of course. And, my buddy Bekka sat in on a song, too. Yummy.

Going into the night I knew who Mac Davis was and vaguely remembered watchin his variety show as a kid, but none of his songs would come to my mind and it was driving me crazy. I knew once I got there I'd recognize one or two. Well I was half right... I actually recognized every single song he performed. Did you know he wrote Elvis' "The Ghetto"? "I Believe in Music"? "Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me"? "Stop and smell the roses?" OMG... I was singing along with every song... and figured out he could have sung a dozen more. Wow. It was soooo cool... and he was sooo nice.

Then there was
David Pack. My friend Patti told me that I would know every song... and she was right. He was incredible and I'm bummed that he was on the dark side of the stage so I wasn't able to get any decent shots of him with my crappy phone camera. You'll know David if you're familiar with a little band called... Ambrosia. You remember: "You're the Only Woman", "How Much I Feel", "Biggest Part of Me"... the whole club was singing along with David. He was great.

And... Chuck Cannon's stuff really moved me. While he only played one of his hit songs (recorded by John Michael Montgomerry) , "I love the way you love me"... he was gutsy and played several new songs... ALL of which moved me. His stuff has great, rootsy, bluesy, groovy feel and his words guide you through it. You can really hear his Gospel roots coming through both musically and lyrically. Good stuff.

You should make time to see at least one Tin Pan South show... seriously.
Songwriter or not... you'll be inspired.


Tonight's Tin Pan South Picks

UPDATE: If you're reaching this page for THURSDAY'S picks... go here. NIT accidentally linked to Wednesday's picks!

The most difficult thing to deal with in regards to Tin Pan South is choosing what shows NOT to attend. And, FYI, if you're planning to attend shows at the Bluebird, word on the street is not to even bother showing up if you don't have reservations... so, even though I want to recommend every single show on their schedule... I'm going to leave the Bluebird out of my recommendations. I just don't want to get your hopes up. If you are determined, here's a link to just the Bluebird schedule.

If you're going tonight, you can't go wrong with any of these shows:

The Basement
1604 8th Ave. S.
ph. /615/254-1604

6:30 p.m.
- $10
Lisa Aschmann, Karen Taylor-Good, Jonell Mosser, Steve Fox

Douglas Corner
2106-A 8th Ave. S
ph. /615/ 298-1688

6:30 p.m.
- $10
Rob Crosby, Allen Shamblin,
Brett Jones, Paul Overstreet, Ray Herndon

9 p.m. - $12
Kylie Sackley, Doug Johnson,
Lee Brice, Kim Williams

3rd & Lindsley
818 3rd Ave. S.
ph. /615/ 259-9891
6:30 p.m. - $15
Pat Green, Patrick Davis,
Mark Bryan
9 p.m. - $20
Chuck Cannon, Jeffrey Steele, David Pack, Mac Davis

Mercy Lounge
1 Cannery Row
ph. /615/ 251-3020

Muzik Mafia

6:30 p.m. - $10
Matt King, James Otto, Shannon Lawson, Phillip Lammonds

105.9 The Rock - Nashville Rocks Night

9 p.m. - $10
Mark Slaughter, Gunnar Nelson, Kelly Keagy w/ Trey McCampbell, Gary Corbett, Dave Marshall and special guests Kip Winger, Reb Beech, The Warren Brothers and more

Hope this helps you narrow it down.
I'll post my Thursday picks tomorrow morning.
I LOVE love LOVE this town.


Sarah's accidental voyeurism

Sexcapades and More from Single in the City

Poor Sarah.

This is just one of the reasons I own a house instead of a condo.

Apparently, her situation is interesting to a bunch of people though... as of today the post about her accidental voyuerism is 84th Best.

Hang in there sistah.

And... I stand by my anonymous note idea.

Cash Cab

JTC and I watched the coolest game show while we were eating supper last night: "Cash Cab" on the Discovery Channel.

Basically, this cabbie drives around NYC picking up passengers and the trip to their destination becomes a game show-like experience. Lighted panels flash various blues and reds as he asks them if they want to play "Cash Cab" to win some money while they ride. He proceeds to ask trivia questions... for every answer they get right, the cabbie host gives them money. For every answer they get wrong, they get a strike. Three strikes and they're out. Literally. They have to get out of the cab.

Click here for more details on how the game works.

It's a really cool concept and it is on Discovery weekdays at 6 ET / 5 CT.
Check it out.


Brad about Doobs

Yeah... um... Linda Doobs is gonna have a baby... just in case you didn't know.

Brad wrote all about it.

But what I want to know is if Joe is in trouble for saying that his "belly is the only one that rules around the house 24/7, 365 days a year".

Hmmmm... them's fightin' words.

U Conn't Beat Mason

Check it out... DP discovered that our friend / co-worker, Eric Welch, made the sports wires this morning. She recognized his mug in the teeny tiny thumbnail on the FoxSports page (a thumbnail pic below the main graphic on the BB home page).

Eric traveled to catch the games of his almamater over the weekend... and I'd say it looks like he's pretty stoked about the results.

Because this is an AP photo, he's pictured on several sites like Yahoo News and tons of regional newspapers.

Pretty cool.
Way to go Eric. (I think you've used up a few of your 15 minutes! HA!)

Those of you who know me, know that I'm not really into the March Madness thing... but today I say...

Go George Mason!


Chick songwriters... ACTIVATE!

Karleen Watt (8 p.m.), Jeanne Richardson (8:30 p.m. / aka - BB Logan) and Lala Deaton (9 p.m.) are on the bill for Monday's Girls Night w/Terri Jo Box.

The fun starts at 8 p.m. at Dan McGuinness located on Demonbruen St (across from the old Country Music Hall of Fame on the Music Row Roundabout).

Consider it your "pre-event" for Tin Pan South.
We'd love to see your smiling face there!
Be sure to say "hi" if you are able to come out.


Chez knows music

Check it out, Chezbez sounds like he's found a surefire musical treat for all of us.

I know I'm going to check it out.

BK Chicken strikes again

I can't decide whether I like this spot (video link to "BK bucking chicken" commercial on YouTube) or not.

On one hand, they are brilliant.
I mean, after all, I'm blogging about it aren't I? And so is Anna, Terry and a host of other bloggers. The whole purpose of the ad is to create a buzz... to get people talking... and it is working. I have to admit, I think they are pretty funny and really out there. I definitely stopped and watched to see what the heck it was.

On the other hand, they're insensitive.
One of the primary audiences is kids. Hmmmm... yeah... they are funny... if you're not the parent of a six-year-old... or even a 12-year-old for that matter. If I were a parent, it might be just enough reason for me to NOT spend money at Burger King.

What do you think?

The Clock's birthday

Tomorrow marks the 36th birthday of my favorite person in the entire universe. He's actually home from touring for a few days so we get to celebrate it together... WHOOhooHOOhooooo!

Here's the thing, though... I need your help.

Usually... I'm the best a finding / picking out really cool presents for him. I LOVE buying him the perfect thing that he's not expecting... But for some reason I'm coming up blank this year and time is running out fast. I've got tons of ideas but no specific item to get.

Can you help me?
Got any suggestions?

Here are some of the thoughts / ideas running through my head:
  • Maybe something cool that he could use on the bus as they're traveling from venue to venue... you know... some kind of boredom buster.
  • Or, something to help him sleep better in the hotel rooms / bus bunk? Is there such a thing as a white noise maker? He likes to sleep with two fans on when he's home.
  • Know any great musician books that would be cool? Autobiographies? Inside stories about a band / group / artist?
  • What about something romantic? I'm never good at that stuff... any ideas?

Posts that transport you

Pitcherlady has the coolest post on her site today about "The Boiler Man". As I read her words, I can feel myself stepping through the damp, cold basement of a bowling alley which was also the home of a sweet man.

I love the way she writes... everytime I read one of her posts I'm transported to the place in which she is writing and I feel like I personally know the people she's writing about.

It's a very good thing.
Thank you for sharing such great, inspiring and real stories with us, Pitcherlady.


NYC Cabbie blog

Wow... ran across the New York Hack in my RSS aggregator today.
I'd forgotten all about it, but now I'm going to put it in my daily read list.
Talk about getting a differenct perspective... it's a really interesting read.


Coming home...

The gig they were supposed to have in DC today was postponed... so JTC will be home a day early.
Just wanted to share.

Happy Birthday DAD!

My Dad is celebrating his... hmmm... am I supposed to tell?
Oh, what the hell?!
He's 57 today... just one month shy of being 20 years older than me. I'm sure he's spending it working... since right now is the height of calving season. Of course, it is snowing up that-a-way this week, which always seems to be a catalyst for more calves to be born. Crazy... but normal I guess.
Miss you. Love you.

Anyone seen Nashville Star?

I didn't get to watch it last week, but am going to try to catch it tonight.
Any word on how good it is this season?
Who are the contestants to watch?
How is Cowboy Troy?
Anyone planning standing in line to see it live?

Hey... just noticed that the hosts are blogging.


JTC checks in from Cleveland

Hey! JTC posted a journal entry from the road on LRP's site.
(You have to register be a "Redhead" to read it... but it's pretty cool.)

The guys were in Pittsburg last night and are on their way to NY right now. Monday it's Annapolis. Tuesday a satellite radio taping in DC and then sometime during the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday, JTC will be back in Nashville for a few days. Can't wait!


Pick one... pick them all.

There's some good stuff to be heard AND seen this weekend.

Tonight, I'm gonna be singin' back-up with Rock E. Rollins, a friend of a friend, 10 p.m. at The End. It's part of the International Pop Overthrow shows in Nashville this weekend and next week.

Jonell Mosser is playing Puckett's Grocery tonight in Leiper's Fork. If I didn't have my own gig, this is where I'd be. Kick bootay, Jonell!

Saturday night @ 10, the one and only Jeffrey Steele (one of my favorite songwriters and frankly, one of my favorite people) is playing at 3rd & Lindsley. If you go... go early. Seriously. The past two times I've gone to see Jeff play at 3rd, by 9:30 p.m. there was a line of 30+ people standing outside who couldn't get in because the house was at capacity. And, the good news is that when you come early, you'll get to hear the Tom Hambridge Band open for Jeff @ 9 p.m. Basically, Tom's band is Jeff's band with Tom out front (instead of playing drums) and Kevin Rapillo on the kit. Good stuff.

Sunday night @ 10:30, Johnny Microwave performs at The End as part of the International Pop Overthrow. Yummy stuff.

Pick one... pick them all.
Either way, you'll have a ball.


TONIGHT is THE night.


Tonight is my first "real" round at the Bluebird Cafe.

Can't believe it is already here.
I'm soooo STOKED.

**she does cartwheels**

If you can swing it, come out and be sure to say "hi".

Here are the details... as if I haven't posted about this enough... HA.

6 p.m. TONIGHT
Bluebird Cafe
ITR w/Karleen Watt, Lala Deaton, Ken Johnson and BB Logan (a.k.a. Jeanne Richardson)
No cover; (But there is a $7 minimum if you sit at a table or the bar.)

For reservations call: 615.383.1461

03.17.06 UPDATE on our Bluebird Adventure:
We had a BLAST last night. The audience was incredible and there was no fun spared. Each of us played seven songs in two hours... more than I thought we'd get to play. I want to do it everyday! Can't believe it's already come and gone. And, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Danny Torroll was phenomenal. He was there to be my soul guitar brother... but ended up playing with everyone in the round, too. He doesn't miss a thing... so glad to get to play with him. Danny is also helping me produce a CD... which will debut later this year.

Next gig:
8 p.m., Monday, 3/27 @ Dan McGuinness... we're gonna do our best to help kick off Tin Pan South.

Was it a dream?

I swear I saw John Corbett playing on the Home Shopping Network at around 6:15 this morning as I was flipping through the channels. He was playing with his band and then the host came on and said his CDs were only available on the shopping network. I didn't think to write anything down... I just thought, "Huh... I guess that's another way to get an album sold. Pretty innovative."

But now, as I try to blog about the incident, I cannot find one stitch of information about it on the HSN site.

Was it all just a dream?
**she rubs her eyes**
Tell me I'm not crazy.


Because I have to get up early to light and heat the Earth.

Does anyone else think these are just the cutest, funniest spots?!

Every morning as I'm getting ready for work the Jimmy Dean commercials air at various breaks in the newscasts. The creative execution is spot on and they are actually effective spots... I remembered the product they're advertising! That is kind of rare these days.

My favorite of all of them has to be the "Why" spot. The little girl's expressions just crack me up! And, the "burn" spot is funny, too, "Why does everyone always think I'm going to burn everything?"

Have you seen them?
Which one is your favorite?


REMINDER: Get reservations for Thursday

Can't believe it is already here!

THURSDAY (3/16) @ 6 p.m.

Call 615.383.1461 to reserve your seat.
There's no cover for the early shows... you'll just want to make sure you have a place to sit. It's filling up fast!

Hope to see you there.

Celebrity sighting...

My friend Laura saw Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman in the new Green Hills Starbucks this morning.

Just thought I'd share.



Each morning, as I'm getting ready for work I watch the local news for traffic and the day's scoop.

This morning as I turned on the TV and went to change the channel from the station I was watching the night before, I heard someone say "... Lee Roy Parnell...".

**Wait... what was that?!**

I scrambled to change the station back as fast as I could and caught the end of a promo for GAC's Master Series. And... who was sittin' right there with Bill Cody?!

Why it was Lee Roy Parnell... country blues slide guitar master. He's going to be the featured artist on Sunday's show, 10 CT / 11 ET.


The interview was taped last Tuesday (2/28) before rehearsal.
Can't wait to see it!

Next up: CMT?
They came to rehearsals last Thursday (3/2) to interview Lee Roy and while they were there also shot some video of him and the band practicing. Keep your eyes peeled for LRP on CMT with a really groovy drummer keepin' time. Not sure what the interview / video was for... may be an interview segment for their country news stuff... could be a feature artist of some kind. Who knows what they have in mind for the interview / video?! I can only guess at this point. Let me know if you see anything.

And, when they get back at the end of March... it sounds like Lee Roy may be at CMT shooting a Studio 330 session as well.
More YAY!

UPDATE / 12:26 p.m. / 03.13.06:
Stayed home from church to watch the show on Sunday. It was cool and just reinforced to me what a great person Lee Roy is... I'm so glad JTC gets to play with such a great cat.

LRP and the band are on their way to Chicago right now. They'll have a night off there tonight and then they play in Chicago tomorrow night. Hope JTC gets to go to the zoo while he's there... but so far it's not lookin' good. They won't get there until late this afternoon, and then they have to set-up and sound check for their show during the day tomorrow. Oh well, I'm keepin' my fingers crossed for him anyway.



Come out and see Lala Deaton, Karleen Watt and me.
7 p.m. TONIGHT

Chick songwriters ACTIVATE!

Jack Scott's Writer's Night
French QuarterCafe
823 Woodland Ave

Hope to see you at the show!

PS: SAVE THE DATE! Next Thursday @ 6 p.m., Lala Deaton, Karleen Watt , Ken Johnson and myself perform ITR @ the Bluebird Cafe! Make your reservations today.

UPDATE 03.10.06: We had a great time and a great crowd despite the weather last night. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us!


JTC meets the Big Apple

Sounds like the gig went great at BB's in NYC last night. Here's a phone pic of JTC and JC in the club before they went on. It was John's first NYC experience... and he got to spend it in the heart of the Big Apple, Times Square. How cool is that?!

By the time we spoke at lunchtime today, he was sitting in a Starbucks in Boston. (Go figure... John in a coffee shop. Hard to imagine?! **wink** That gift card the Grassmere gang gave him as a going away present sure is coming in handy!)

Tonight... LRP and the boys play Cambridge, MA.
More on the adventure tomorrow.


On the road...

Well... I ended up taking a personal day from work yesterday to see John off. Helped him get his stuff on LRP's tour bus and was doing cartwheels inside myself as I drove away. YAY! John is living his dream. How cool is that?! I'm soooo happy and proud of him.

The gigs over the weekend went great. By the time Sunday's gig rolled around, all of the guys were really gelling and the crowds at all three shows were incredible. You could tell that Lee Roy has been missed by his fans.

Tonight they play in New York City at BB Kings. It's the CD release party (which means the album is actually in stores TODAY!) and it sounds like there might be some cool friends of Lee Roy sittin' in. Plus, Universal South may be taping the event and there's a rumor that Rolling Stone may also be there to check it out. Wow. No pressure! **wink** Seriously though, what a GREAT way to officially kick it off.

Got to get to work so I can catch up from being gone yesterday... but I'll post more about John's adventure this week as the updates come in.

UPDATE 5:02 p.m.: Just discovered that there is now video of Lee Roy Parnell and the band playing their first gig last Friday up on Lee Roy's site. And... you can see JTC layin' it down right behind him. YAY!

**popping buttons**

If you click the link above, it will take you to a page with a link to here that opens a video / media player... once you're on the media player, look for the word "video" at the top of the box. Click it and wait a little bit... eventually the video of "Back to the Well" will load in the window.