The Clock's birthday

Tomorrow marks the 36th birthday of my favorite person in the entire universe. He's actually home from touring for a few days so we get to celebrate it together... WHOOhooHOOhooooo!

Here's the thing, though... I need your help.

Usually... I'm the best a finding / picking out really cool presents for him. I LOVE buying him the perfect thing that he's not expecting... But for some reason I'm coming up blank this year and time is running out fast. I've got tons of ideas but no specific item to get.

Can you help me?
Got any suggestions?

Here are some of the thoughts / ideas running through my head:
  • Maybe something cool that he could use on the bus as they're traveling from venue to venue... you know... some kind of boredom buster.
  • Or, something to help him sleep better in the hotel rooms / bus bunk? Is there such a thing as a white noise maker? He likes to sleep with two fans on when he's home.
  • Know any great musician books that would be cool? Autobiographies? Inside stories about a band / group / artist?
  • What about something romantic? I'm never good at that stuff... any ideas?

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Chez Bez said...

A magazine subscription to one of my fave music mags would do it for me.

I'm striking out as well on other ideas. I'll sleep on it and give you another shout if something comes to mind.

Good luck.