Fabulous four ITR

I'm at a loss as to where to begin describing my experience at 3rd & Lindsley last night. I went to see Jeffrey Steele, Chuck Cannon, David Pack and Mac Davis... yeah... that's what you read... Mac Davis. The whole thing was nothing short of amazing.

Thanks to Lala (who had a pass and was able to get in early and save a few seats) we had a prime table right at the foot of the stage. We were no more than five feet from the performers and I was sitting smack in front of Mac and Jeff. Awesome.

Now you all know that Jeff is one of my favs... so I'm not going to get into a big Steeley love fest here... he was spectacular, of course. And, my buddy Bekka sat in on a song, too. Yummy.

Going into the night I knew who Mac Davis was and vaguely remembered watchin his variety show as a kid, but none of his songs would come to my mind and it was driving me crazy. I knew once I got there I'd recognize one or two. Well I was half right... I actually recognized every single song he performed. Did you know he wrote Elvis' "The Ghetto"? "I Believe in Music"? "Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me"? "Stop and smell the roses?" OMG... I was singing along with every song... and figured out he could have sung a dozen more. Wow. It was soooo cool... and he was sooo nice.

Then there was
David Pack. My friend Patti told me that I would know every song... and she was right. He was incredible and I'm bummed that he was on the dark side of the stage so I wasn't able to get any decent shots of him with my crappy phone camera. You'll know David if you're familiar with a little band called... Ambrosia. You remember: "You're the Only Woman", "How Much I Feel", "Biggest Part of Me"... the whole club was singing along with David. He was great.

And... Chuck Cannon's stuff really moved me. While he only played one of his hit songs (recorded by John Michael Montgomerry) , "I love the way you love me"... he was gutsy and played several new songs... ALL of which moved me. His stuff has great, rootsy, bluesy, groovy feel and his words guide you through it. You can really hear his Gospel roots coming through both musically and lyrically. Good stuff.

You should make time to see at least one Tin Pan South show... seriously.
Songwriter or not... you'll be inspired.

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