Iowa Winter

26 degrees in Sigourney... High of 32 forecasted. Wind chill in the
single digits. Snow coming tomorrow. *woot*


See Jimmy present on CMAs Tonight!

Woot! Jimmy Wayne is presenting an award on the CMAs tonight... so be sure to tune in. It sounds like he'll be presenting one of the first few awards, so don't miss the beginning of the show.

AND, John and I were invited to attend the Big Machine / Valory after party. I am sooooo looking forward to it.

Now... I just need to figure out what to wear! New red boots + what? Something black I'm sure. Heh.


Jimmy Wayne "I Will" Video

Woot! Thought I'd share the latest single from Jimmy Wayne with y'all. That's Clocky on the drums and if you listen real close, you can hear me singin' background vocals. Surreal.

If you want to catch the video on TV, you'll be able to see it on GAC.


Want a handful of cookies?

Ta daaaah!
Presenting the 3rd annual creepy Halloween treats:
witches fingers.

If you want to reminisce:

If you want the recipe go here.



Double rainbow

Hannah and I saw this double rainbow driving between Baton Rogue and
New Orleans this afternoon. The main rainbow in the pic was actually a
complete arch. Breathtaking to say the least!


October 1: The Listening Room

Jonell Mosser, Bill Tennyson, Mike Younger & Me

The Listening Room
(Nashville / Cummings Station)
8 p.m.
Cover $5

We are all so excited to have Jonell join us in this round!
Plus, the new Listening Room in Nashville is friggin' amazing.
Great music.
Great food.
Great location.

Reservations are recommended.
So, give them a shout and stake out your seats for next Wednesday.

It's gonna be a BLAST.


Inspired by "The Office"

One of my projects over the gasless weekend here in nashytown:
encasing the whale from Brad's desk in blue jello. Fun times.


Johnny traveled like a jet-setter

Thursday morning, Johnny picked up a phone message from Jimmy asking if he was available to fly out Thursday night for a gig in Florida on Friday.

Of course he was available... and he also got to fly in a lear jet to the event! What a trip... literally. Johnny said it was a pretty wild experience and he can see why people who have the means travel this way. Just him, Jimmy and Jimmy's girlfriend. No security lines. No cramped seats. Getting to ask the pilots all the questions he wanted. And it was way FAST.


Bluebird Cafe Reminder!

Hey friends, just a quick reminder about our show Tuesday.

Jim Greene, Karleen Watt, Mike Younger & Me
Tuesday, September 16 at 6 p.m.
Bluebird Cafe

We're looking forward to "rockin'" the Bluebird... quietly, of course.

Reservations are recommended.
There is no cover for the 6 p.m. show but there is a $7 minimum per person at tables / bar seats. The Bluebird has recently added some great new items to their menu... so, plan on a music filled supper. We'll serenade you. *wink*

Hope to see you there!

The Listening Room - Nashville (in Cummings Station)
October 1, 8 p.m.
Jonell Mosser, Bill Tennyson, Mike Younger, Me


Help me Walk for Lupus tomorrow!

I know this is short notice, but I just signed-up to Walk for Lupus tomorrow morning at Centennial Park and would love your help in raising a little last minute funds for the Lupus Foundation.

Mary Self, a friend's wife who is living with Lupus
inspired me to get involved in Saturday's walk. Helping to organize and plan this walk is Mary's way of helping others who struggle with Lupus daily, raise awareness and help research a cure.

So, please help me help her walk for Lupus.

Donating through this site
is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to make a contribution to our fundraising efforts. Many thanks for your support-- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

Thank you for any amount you can contribute.


Come out to the Bluebird on 9/16

Jim Greene, Bill Tennyson, Mike Younger & Me
Tuesday, September 16 at 6 p.m.
Bluebird Cafe

We're looking forward to "rockin'" the Bluebird... quietly, of course.

Reservations are recommended.
There is no cover for the 6 p.m. show but there is a $7 minimum per person at tables / bar seats. The Bluebird has recently added some great new items to their menu... so, plan on a music filled supper. We'll serenade you. *wink*

Please make plans to come out!
It would be so great to see you there.


Wondering who to vote for?

In trying to sort through all the issues and figure out who the heck I should vote for in November, I found myself wishing for an online tool to help me do just that.

Thankfully, I have two friends who had already found a couple online tools, so I thought I'd pass them along for those, like me, who are still trying to get through the voting weeds.

Glassbooth.org provides an online tool that matches your values with a candidate. (Thanks, Linda!)

OnTheIssues.org provides a more comprehensive place to compare candidates and read through the issues as well as a "2008 candidate quiz". (Thanks, Denice!)

Jimmy & Johnny on MLB.com

Watch Jimmy Wayne interviews and performances at MLB.com. There are several clips to watch... to find them type "Jimmy Wayne" (include the quotes) in the video search box on this page. Pretty cool.


Back stage in Des Moines

On August 23, John played with Jimmy in Des Moines, IA... just 90 minutes from John's home town and family. Tom and Gertie... and Tom, Minnie, Grace, Brooke, Kathy, Kelly, Molly, Scott... and too many more to name... all came out to see the show. Not to mention, my parents drove 6 hours or so from Nebraska to see it as well! Above is a pic we snapped back stage of Tom, Jimmy, Gertie and Johnny. (Happy Birthday, Gertie!)

Do you believe me now? - #1!!!!!

Jimmy Wayne's single, "Do You Believe Me Now?" is at NUMBER ONE this week!!!

Kudos to Jimmy, Joe, Dave, Johnny the Clock... and EVERYONE involved.
Rock ON rockers.

The entire album is now available in stores and online.
Go getchasome!


Jimmy Wayne this week... 8/31 - 9/6

GAC Artist of the Month: Jimmy is the artist of the month for September! Go to GAC.com for links to an exclusive acoustic performance from Jimmy and get signed copies of Jimmy's new CD release for sale at GAC's store.

SUNDAY- JERRY LEWIS TELETHON: Jimmy Wayne, along with Johnny and Jake, will be performing Sunday night on the Jerry Lewis Telethon broadcast LIVE out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The performance is currently scheduled to happen sometime between 10 & 11pm (PT) / Midnight & 1 a.m.(CT) tonight so check your local listings for the channel. In Nashville, you'll be able to watch it on the WB, Comcast channel #20.

SUNDAY - THE TENNESEAN: There is a really nice article featuring Jimmy in the Arts & Entertainment section of The Tennessean today, Sunday, August 31st. (Don't worry Gertie! Just got a call from Johnny asking me to go buy a few copies... I'll get one for you, too! *wink*)

TUESDAY - FOX NEWS EDGE: An artist profile on Jimmy will be running all day on FOX News Edge, Tuesday September 2nd. This feeds out to 170+ FOX news affiliates across the U.S. watch your local Fox affiliate for a Jimmy feature... request to see it if you're so inclined!

THURSDAY - GAC–Country Music Across America: Jimmy will be featured on GAC – Country Music Across America on Thursday September 4th at 7pm Central Time.



Wind tower in progress

Notice the "teeny" truck in the lower third of this photo. Thought it might provide some perspective on the size of the wind towers.

Gianormous wind generators

While home visiting family the past few days, Mom and Dad took me on a tour of the construction in progress of 27 gianormous wind generators near my family's farms. According to my Dad, they are the largest wind towers available for construction in the USA, around 290' tall with three 80' fan blades per generator. They had to grade down the hills and widen the corners to accommodate the length of the trucks that delivered the components of the giant wind towers. So far, there are five towers complete and the remaining 22 are going up fast. The towers you see in this pic could be seen more than ten miles away. It was just so wild.

CMT 330 Sessions: Jimmy Wayne

You can now catch live acoustic performances of Jimmy Wayne with Johnny and Jake on CMT's 330 Sessions at CMT.com.

There are a few songs to take in along with some interview clips with Jimmy. Enjoy!

Jimmy Wayne in stores now!

Woot Woot! Jimmy Wayne's new album "Do You Believe Me Now?" is in stores as of yesterday!

Get ya some Jimmy!
Amazon | iTunes | Target | WalMart | B&N | Borders | Best Buy | CMT | GAC

I'm sure there are tons more places you can find it... these are the ones on the top of my mind right now.

What a rush to read John's name and mine in the liner notes! John played drums on several songs including "Do You Believe Me Now" and "I Will". I sang some background vocals on "I Will".

Bought my copy of it in Vermillion, SD at Wally World on Tuesday when I was home visiting family. Denice and rocked out to the album all the way to Sioux Falls. And... as soon as I got home to Nashville today, I threw it in the car CD player and jammed all the way home from the airport.

I know I'm probably a little biased... But I love the album.
Hope you will, too.

Got gas?

Neece and I getting gas on our trip to Omaha this morning. What a
beautiful friend!

Goof in 'za Hut in Vermillion

Yeah... That guy behind Cassy and me looks goofy doesn't he?!

Maddie & Cierra

My "little" brother's girls... Aren't they adorable?!


New Tanky treat trick

With a little patience and really good treats... you too can teach your dog to catch treats off of his own nose!

Tanky's such a good boy!!!


Up three to #4!

Keep on doing what you do!
Album release is August 26...
Download the online pre-release of the album at Jimmy Wayne's Myspace or you can also find it here on bb's blog.

*fingers crossed*
Sending multiple spin vibes Jimmy's way.


Stupidest movie ever...

but ridiculously hilarious at the same time.

For some reason... straight up stupid laughter just felt good.
John and I laughed so hard we cried... at one point, I literally thought I might pee in my pants.

No plot.
No real script.
Just stupid, potty humor... and a lot of swearing.
  1. Don't go to see Step Brothers if you're diabolically opposed to the f-word and/or seeing certain parts of the male anatomy up close... or are easily offended in any way.
  2. Don't go if you're looking for a well thought out, mind twisting, amazing movie.
  3. Don't go if you're looking for a love story.
DO GO if you just need some mind-numbing laughter.

Seriously... go if you need an excuse to not take life so seriously.


Download the pre-release of Jimmy's album

The physical album is officially released to stores on August 26... but if you're like me and just can't wait... you can download it right here, right now.GigyaQuantcast


Now at #8!!!

Woot woot!
Last week it was #9... this week Jimmy Wayne's song is at #8.
Thanks for requesting "Do You Believe me now?"
Let's take it to #1 folks!!!

AND... if you want to download the new album, set to be officially released on August 26, go to Jimmy's Myspace and buy it directly from him. (If you download it, there's a really cool chick singer on "I Will". *wink* And the drummer on most of the album, well... he's my favorite... ever.)


Wait for it...

Tanky loves treats... Especially jelly beans. When he gets a treat... we say,"wait... wait..." and he can't eat it until we say "okay". In the meantime, he stares the treat down. (See evidence in pic.) It is the most hilarious thing!


Saturday nap

Great seeing Ann and Tim

Johnny and I had a fabulous lunch at Opry Mills Macaroni's Grill with Ann and Tim on Wednesday.

And yesterday, Ann, Tim and I grabbed breakfast at the Cracker Barrel out by the Opryland Hotel. It was so good catching up and getting to see each other. We're definitely not going to wait eight years to see each other again !

By now, they are safe and sound, back at home in Rapid City.



OMG!!! Ann is in Nashville!!!

I haven't seen one of my best college friends, Ann, in eight years... since we moved to Nashville. But this week, she's in town for the Crossroads Children's Chorus Festival. Shes now a music teacher in Rapid City, SD (for more than 14 years now!) AND she works as Artistic Director with the Rapid City Children's Chorus.

Not only were we friends, RA's and roomates during college at USD, but we were also music majors together, study partners, classmates, choir members and laugh-partners. She took me to the emergency room when I was sick way back in 1989... we've walked on Mt. Rushmore together... I could go on and on and on.

Our lives get in the way of Ann and I talking often... but like Denice, Ann is one of those people. You know... the kind of person that even though you haven't spoken weeks or months... it seems like you just spoke yesterday. I love that.

Ann is truly amazing.
I can't wait to see her... we just confirmed plans to see each other for lunch on Wednesday!!! WHOOOHOOOOOO!
I may need to do some ab work to prepare for all the laughing on we will be doing!


We're web-famous.

John, Rachael and I (P|R peeps) are in New Orleans for some client meetings. Tonight we went to Acme Oyster House in the French Quarter for supper. Knowing they have an "Acme oyster webcam", we called Brad in Nashville to see if he could see us. Sure enough... there we were. We were really there! See evidence below. *wink*

PS: It was fabulous.

John had the New Orleans Medley. Rachael had a turkey po-boy and fries. I had the peacemaker po-boy.

nummy num nummers.


Fat Straw, Lucky Pup and earthdog

John and I popped over to Fat Straw for a bubble tea in the Edgehill Village (at Villa & Edgehill near Music Row) and noticed that there is a new store, the Lucky Pup Boutique & Bath. They have all kinds of homemade / organic dog treats, toys, collars, beds and even a FREE doggie bath area. As we perused the collars and leashes we were happy to see they carry earthdog collars / leashes and stuff. They are great collars and are made right here in Tennessee by Kym, Dave & crew. How cool is that?!

Anyway... just thought I'd share. We're in the market for a larger collar and harness for Tank... earthdog is in our sights. I love all the natural colors and the feel of the hemp material.

So... go check out the Lucky Pup and earthdog. Support local businesses and families who run them!