Jimmy Wayne in stores now!

Woot Woot! Jimmy Wayne's new album "Do You Believe Me Now?" is in stores as of yesterday!

Get ya some Jimmy!
Amazon | iTunes | Target | WalMart | B&N | Borders | Best Buy | CMT | GAC

I'm sure there are tons more places you can find it... these are the ones on the top of my mind right now.

What a rush to read John's name and mine in the liner notes! John played drums on several songs including "Do You Believe Me Now" and "I Will". I sang some background vocals on "I Will".

Bought my copy of it in Vermillion, SD at Wally World on Tuesday when I was home visiting family. Denice and rocked out to the album all the way to Sioux Falls. And... as soon as I got home to Nashville today, I threw it in the car CD player and jammed all the way home from the airport.

I know I'm probably a little biased... But I love the album.
Hope you will, too.

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