Stupidest movie ever...

but ridiculously hilarious at the same time.

For some reason... straight up stupid laughter just felt good.
John and I laughed so hard we cried... at one point, I literally thought I might pee in my pants.

No plot.
No real script.
Just stupid, potty humor... and a lot of swearing.
  1. Don't go to see Step Brothers if you're diabolically opposed to the f-word and/or seeing certain parts of the male anatomy up close... or are easily offended in any way.
  2. Don't go if you're looking for a well thought out, mind twisting, amazing movie.
  3. Don't go if you're looking for a love story.
DO GO if you just need some mind-numbing laughter.

Seriously... go if you need an excuse to not take life so seriously.

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