Vids of my favorite band...

Here's a little vid I shot of Lee Roy, Clocky, Charles and Jon playin' at 3rd & Lindsley last Friday night.

In the That's My Story vid, I wish I'd have thought to start taping earlier... cause I missed a killer Charles solo. This vid starts out with a Clocky solo, then a Jon solo w/Charles funkin' out and Lee Roy comin' in to tie a nice little bow around the funkiness.

They were all blowin' my mind... so here you go... see for yourself!

That's My Story

Lucky That Way


Blue Arrow ROCKS

First... let me say that I'm sorry it's been so long since I posted something real... been really busy in the cabedgepatch, went out with John and the band over the holiday (got to sing, too! whoohoo!), am helping to spearhead a wedding reception for a good friend who got married a couple weeks ago in Vegas, plus I just finished my first commissioned paintings and am on to the next one... on top of writing, hosting and performing several times over the past few weeks.

Blah blah blah... Craziness. I'll try to catch up with y'all soon.

In the meantime... what the heck is Blue Arrow?!

It's just one of seven simultaneous projects I've been working on with my fellow carrots over the past couple weeks. It was launched on Friday, a few days before the product was unveiled at a conference in Belgium.

Meet Landmark Digital... parent of Blue Arrow... Intelligent Audio Recognition.

Two things:

1. The client has been AMAZING to work with... and I'm not just sayin' that because I'm posting on the WWW. They've got an amazing, passionate team who really get it... on so many levels. And, I really hope we get to work with them again... SOON.

2. Blue Arrow, the product, is friggin' impressive... phenomenal really.

Basically, they've figured out how to have a computer, cell phone, monitoring box... whatever... "hear" music and identify it.

Not only does it identify it, it does it within a couple seconds in a noisy room.

And, the database of music it "hears" is gianormous... and continually growing. They literally have several people putting songs into their database all day long every day.

While you'll probably never see the BlueArrow logo on anything, it will touch your life. Several companies are already using it. Not sure if I'm at liberty to say which ones... but you'll know it when you see it. (Blue Arrow is kinda like BASF... remember those spots? BASF... we don't make your favorite products... we make your favorite products better.)

Anyway... just one of the things I've been up to lately. Check it out!


Lee Roy Parnell TONIGHT

Just in case you weren't already aware...

The Lee Roy Parnell Band (Lee Roy Parnell, John Richardson, Charles Hayes, Jon Coleman) is playing TONIGHT in Nashville at 3rd & Lindsley, late show (9:30 - 10ish).

Get there early and plan to stay late!
Hope to see your smilin' face.


Reserve your seat!

Just a reminder...

FRIDAY, 5/18
6 P.M.
Lala Deaton, Karleen Watt, Lisa Carver & me
We are going to have a BLAST in this round. If you plan to attend, I recommend you call ahead and make reservations (615. 383.1461)... it's gonna be FUN... and **shhhhhhh** quietly rowdy. **wink**

Hope to see you there!


The Most Important Job in the World

Today we celebrate all the mothers in our lives... our own mothers, our brothers mothers, our sister mothers, our friend mothers, mothers we don't even know... and those who serve as mothers to our children... teachers, day care providers, nurses, mentors, single fathers and too many others to name. You know who you are.

Our mothers brought us into this world... and whether you are close to your mother or not, today is a day to be thankful for the gift she's given us.


All of the mothers around us help us become the people we are, both directly and indirectly.

Today, I want to thank all the Mothers in my life, for showing me who I am and who are still showing me who I want to be.

Thank you to my Mom, Connie, for her perserverance and sacrifices. Being a young mom wasn't easy, but you put us first and I think we turned-out pretty well. You helped to teach us right from wrong, good from bad, compassion for others and how to stand-up for what we believe even when it isn't popular. I love you, Mom.

Thank you to John's mom, Gertie, for raising the most important person in my life. He is a reflection of your unconditional love, support and selflessness. You are a light in his world... and mine. I love you, Gertie.

Thank you to Brenda, Tony's wife, for your dedication, awareness, support and focus on your family. You have helped raise three AMAZING children: Cassy, Arthur and Katie. They are a reflection of your love and compassion and caring. You are my sister. You are my friend. You are doing what you were made to do... be a mother. And, you do it well. I love you, Brenda.

Thank you to Minnie, Tom's wife, for your focus, creativity and dedication to your family. You put Tom and the girls first... you have vision for your family and it is reflected in your beautiful girls, Grace and Brooke. They are two of the happiest kids we know. I love you, Minnie.

Thank you to Sarah, Jim's wife, for taking the leap and moving to the country to be with my brother and start your family together. Madisen and Ciera are beautiful, loving children... I'm proud of you and support you. I love you, Sarah.

Thank you to my friends who are mothers: Shannan, Paige, Sara, Linda, Mandy, Laura C, Connie, Kim, Jonell, Ginger and so many more... You are an inspiration. Your lives are full in part because of your dedication to your children. It inspires me. I admire, respect and love all of you.

To every person who is a Mother on this beautiful day...
Happy Mother's Day.

You have the most important job in the entire world.


What do Edgehill Studios, Dan McGuinness and the Bluebird Cafe have in common?

Give up?!


I'll be performing at these great songwriter venues over the next week or so and would LOVE to see you there.

Here are the details:

FRIDAY (tomorrow), 5/11
8 P.M.
Megan Light, Greg Friia, Steffon Hamulak & me.
It's on Edgehill just off Music Row. They have great food, drink and free internet... so you can eat a bite, have a beer and check your myspace while you listen to us swap songs! Multitasking at its finest.

MONDAY, 5/14
7:30 P.M.
Joni Wilson, Tammy Fowler, Jamie Floyd, Monica Perry, Whitney Johnson & me... just to name a few. The night is hosted by the FABULOUS Terri Jo Box... and if we're lucky, she'll sing a few, too.

FRIDAY, 5/18
6 P.M.
Lala Deaton, Karleen Watt, Lisa Carver & me
We are going to have a BLAST in this round. If you plan to attend, I recommend you call ahead and make reservations (615. 383.1461)... it's gonna be FUN... and **shhhhhhh** quietly rowdy. **wink**

Get a sitter.
Make a date.
Bring your friends.
Come on OUT!
We'll have a few laughs... hangin' and sharin' songs with y'all.

Hope to see your smilin' face there.


Emily's amazing work

Just picked up an email from my friend Emily in Tampa. She just put her work on the boundlessgallery.com where you can "view in a room" feature that allows you to see the painting in nine different rooms. Pretty cool!

Since she moved to Tampa from Nashville a few years ago, she's been heeding her natural instinct to create more and more... and I just wanted to share her incredible work with you.


The Office: Fitness Orb

Thanks to the head of cabedge for sending this our way this morning.


Blake (dotcomposter @ cabedge) has one. I've actually been thinking about getting one myself... but maybe I should re-think it. Chase? Connie? Would you pop my medicine ball?!

Our first visit to the Atlanta Zoo

Can't type long, but didn't want to wait any longer to tell you about John and my visit to the Atlanta Zoo on Monday.

We had so much fun.

Highlights of the Zoo were: the gorillas (they have 23... Ivan is my fav and pictured below), the Pandas, the lemurs and the elephants.

Ivan and the Elephant vids

Here are a couple videos from the Atlanta Zoo trip.

Ivan showing his dominance.

Pre-elephant pedicure video.

We painted.

Another fun thing Denice and I did while she was visiting was go to Third Cost Clay to hang out and paint some ceramic cups. We did it a couple years ago on one of her trips to Nashville and had a blast.

Here are our masterpieces...

BEFORE they were fired:
After they were fired:

Shiny happy carpenter bee killers

My best girl friend Denice was my birthday present last week. She flew in from Sioux Falls on Thursday night and left early Sunday morning.

We had a blast while she was here... and believe it or not... one of the things we did was hunt down carpenter bees that had recently decided to make a home in the frame of our screened in porch.

We can have fun doing most anything. Heh. You'll find a pictorial of the event at flickr in my CB Killahs set.