Emily's amazing work

Just picked up an email from my friend Emily in Tampa. She just put her work on the boundlessgallery.com where you can "view in a room" feature that allows you to see the painting in nine different rooms. Pretty cool!

Since she moved to Tampa from Nashville a few years ago, she's been heeding her natural instinct to create more and more... and I just wanted to share her incredible work with you.

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Sherri said...

Hey, Jeanne!
I am one of Em's new friends in Tampa. We met when we joined BAGA & adopted our dogs from them. Em & Lynn are also "godparents" to our Krissy we adopted. I enjoy her work, too, and added her links to my fav sites. Em & my hubby surprised me on two holidays this past year with gifts of her paintings. I told her I'm going to love to be able to say "I knew her when". :-)Glad we got to steal her & Lynn away to live down here!
Love your music!I've added you to my site as well!