yeah... i took that photo.

Featured on GACTV, here's what an all star night with the boys looks like

Dierks Bentley & John Oates & Brad Paisley & Jimmy Wayne

I also took these...

well, except this shot without Brad Paisley in it... because Brad Paisley took it.

Brad Paisley took this pic... with my camera... hilarious.

And there are more on the way as soon as I get done sifting through the more than 500 pics / vid I took last week when I went out with Johnny the Clock and band on the Jimmy Wayne / Dierks Bentley / Brad Paisley tour.

Madison Square Garden, Baltimore, Penn State and Mohegan Sun in CT.

It was a surreal week to say the least... still coming down from all the once-in-a-lifetime memories.


You've got a choice

So… you’re on the way to work, you’re running late already and now you have a flat tire.

*insert expletive here*

No matter what, you’ve got to deal with it:

• You’re gonna call work and let them know you’re running late with a flat tire.
• You’re gonna have to change the tire or call someone to help you change it.
• You’re gonna make it to work, eventually.


The only question left in this scenario, is:

HOW are you going to deal with the situation?

You’ve got two choices:

1. Smile. ☺
Let out a few choice cuss words. Then, laugh at the comedy of errors you’re experiencing. Forgive yourself for running late. Realize that you aren’t hurt. You haven’t hurt anyone else. All you’re out here is a tire, a rearranged work schedule and a little bit of pride. The world definitely isn’t going to fall off its axis or stop spinning because you’re late and have a flat tire. Life will go on. Ahhhhh. *smile* Call work and let them know the situation. Calmly change tire. Move on to better parts of your day.

2. Frown. ☹
Let out a few choice cuss words. Then, kick the car. Flip off the heavens. Call work to let them know what happened and yell at the receptionist, or worse, your boss. Mumble under your breath about the kids, or the alarm clock, or whatever it was that “made you late”. Get mad at the other drivers as they buzz merrily by you on the side of the road while you change the tire (without any help from them, BTW). Get in your car. Go to work. Be pissed about it the rest of the day and tell everyone you encounter what a crappy day you’re having.

Which one do you choose?

The moral of the story (Like I have to tell you this):
No matter what happens to us on a daily basis, good or bad, we’ve got a choice in how we deal with the changes life throws at us.

The “dealing” is the easy part.
It’s the “how” that’s hard.

Smiling is a choice.

(PS: this didn't actually happen... it's just a dramatization to help illustrate the point. Had I had a real flat tire, I would have posted pics of said tire AND of me laughing my butt off about it. heh.)


Jimmy Wayne: I'll Be That Vid is OUT!

CHECK IT OUT! The new Jimmy Wayne video is officially released for his latest single, "I'll be that". Take a look and you'll see Johnny the Clock rockin' the skins along with Luis, Rob and Jake kickin' it with J-dub. Whoohoooo.


I'll Be That

The third single from Jimmy Wayne's album, "I'll be That" hit the airwaves on 5/26... and soon, a new video will hit that includes live footage of Jimmy, Johnny, Jake, Luis and Rob rockin' it on the Dierks Bently and Brad Paisley tour in North Carolina.

Please call your local country stations and request Jimmy Wayne, "I'll be that". It's a rockin' song.

Here's a little video about the new single and the upcoming video release.


James' inspiration

Today at work, sporting a white terry headband, his computer and a mic, James is singing everything to everyone.
Cannot stop laughing.

Below... his inspiration:

Auto Tuning from Casey D on Vimeo.


Happy Birthday, buddy!

My favorite person in the entire world turned 39 today. Here he is making a cup of espresso with his new coffee-cappucino-espresso maker.
Sure do love me some Clocks... and for one month, we're the same age and I'm not his "old lady".


We had fun at the cemetery.

Seriously. I know it sounds a little morbid, but we did. I swear.

Mom & Dad visited from Nebraska last weekend. It was great! We pretty much ate, B.S.'d, hung out at the dog park and chilled for 2.5 days. We also went on a drive around the countryside to give them an idea of what TN looks like outside of Nashville.

In that, we ended up in Franklin. My Mom loves history, so when we were about to pass the two historic cemeteries just off Hillsboro Rd outside of town, we decided to stop and take a look.

Not only was it interesting to walk among history. It was beautiful, too. I know... that sounds morbid, too, but it really was amazing to see and think about the fact that most of the stones had been there since the early 1800s. So many souls. So many families. So many stories. Immortalized on this little plot of land.


Wish I were here...

Johnny's in Niagra Falls with the JW Band this weekend.
*she slaps head*
Why didn't I meet them there?
*in Napoleon Dynamite voice*

Here is the view from John's hotel window:


Elephants out my window

The circus is in town... And it just went by our offices downtown. If
you look real close, you can see the elephants heading the procession.
Friggin' cool.


"I Will" is #23 this week!

Just sharing the good news... Jimmy Wayne's song, "I Will", is #23 on the Media Base country chart this week! It's an amazing song, written by Dave Pahanish and Rory Lee Feek, produced by Joe West.

Joe included both Clocky and I on the song (Thank you, Joe!) and we heard it on the radio for the first time while we were visiting family in Nebraska over the holidays. Surreal.

Anyway... thanks for supporting the song. Please call your local country station and keep requesting it. And, don't forget to vote for it on GAC and CMT's Top 20 Video Countdown each week, too.


Watch John TODAY on WGN

John's in Chicago performing with Jimmy Wayne on WGN's midday show today.

Starts at 11:55 CST.

Sounds like they'll be playing right at the beginning of the show, a segment in the middle and as they close the show.

Watch if you can!


Introducing... The Screamin' 'Mater

Our Subaru kicked the bucket last night. So, Clocky and I did our part to "stimulate the economy" at CarMax today. We're officially all Honda all the time. Heh.

If you need a car, I highly recommend the CarMax experience. Seriously. They are the "southwest airlines" of car sales. If you go in Nashville, ask for Larimore Henley. He was low pressure, sincere & spectacular.


I've "gone country"... and so can you!

No... I haven't really "gone country" but a girl can pretend can't she?! Isn't this video a trip?! P|R created this site for CMT. Check it out and forward the link to your friends... so they can go country, too!


Rockin' Red Microwave

Replaced our old microwave (circa 1992) that finally gave out before
the holidays. Used a holiday gift cert (thanks tony & brenda!) towards
this rockin' red one from Target. Wonder if this one will last 17