For DP & Sarah...

The Napoleon Dynamite Talking Pen ($7) says seven different lines from the movie, including our favorite:

"Tina, you fat lard, come get some dinner!"



Judge finds Love making progress

What is up with this headline?!

Moving Furniture

All those cleaning products really inspired me.

So, I spent yesterday afternoon and last night (til midnight) thoroughly cleaning the living room, scrubbing the carpets, mopping the kitchen floor, washing the windows (inside and out), scrubbing off scuff marks, dusting and washing the walls.

And, in my world, a good deep cleaning also means BB has to rearrange the furniture, the wall hangings and change out the rugs.

Of course, I like to do this when JTC isn't around, which means I'm hefting the furniture and stuff around solo. As I'm doing it, I'm thinking, "Me... strong woman. Not need help. Ugh."

Today I'm thinking, "Me... stupid woman. Aching back... sore shoulders... dust sneezes. What was I thinkin'?"

Believe it or not, I'm not done. Plan to finish tonight while John is at a rehearsal. Which means, I'll be an even bigger whiner tomorrow! HA.

BUT... It sure looks good at my house now. Maybe I need to have a party to celebrate! **hee hee**

Traffic be damned!

That's what I thought as I backed out of my driveway to make my first pilgrimage to the new shopping mecca on Friday night. Thankfully, the traffic was not a problem at all!

Walked around for 90 minutes (with a list mind you) and spent $100 on absolutely nothing:

Toilet bowl cleaner
Furniture cleaner
Leather cleaner
Dish detergent
Bird seed
Bleach pens
Disinfectant wipes
Carpet cleaner
Resealable plastic storage bags
Trash bags
Soft cat food
Aquarium kitty treats
A cool candle centerpiece
Chocolate candy bars
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Orbit's cinnamon gum
Ginger Altoids

I'm sure there was more nothing, but I can't remember everything right now. It was sooooo long ago. Anyway, the list above is an obvious illustration as to why I don't go shopping... how did I spend a hundred bucks on that?! Yikers.

Oh well... the new Target is really cool. (Pretty much like everyother Target... except new AND near my house. WhooHOOhoo.)

Saturday's Gig at CLC

Music, Movies and 'Za was a hit Saturday night. The turn-out was excellent and we raised more than $1,100 to put towards CLC choir outreach.

Very cool.

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out!


AIM users beware...

According to InternetNews, A worm packing a malicious punch is on the loose disguised as a music file making its way through the wild via AOL's Instant Messenger.

Here's what I understand:
1. It poses as an iTunes file named "iTunes.exe"
2. Once downloaded, the WORM_OPANKI.Y sends a message to users' online contacts with the text: "this picture never gets old."
3. A link in the message sends you to a page where you're asked to download a picture file.
4. If you download the file... BAM. Spyware is activated on your computer via backdoor access.

AIM users: BEWARE.


Welcome shoppers!

Today is the day.
The new Target opens near I-65 and OHB.

Those of you who know me, know that I do not shop for entertainment. Growing up in the country, shopping was something we drove miles to do once or twice a month, depending on the time of year. And, I've never really gotten out of that habit. In fact, I probably "shop" less than that now. If John didn't enjoy going to the grocery store, I'd only go when I needed something.

**Guess I'm missing the shopping gene.**

Anyway, while shopping is not something I usually enjoy doing to just pass the time, I do like the idea that this new Target along with the retail shops and restaurants (soon to open) is just up the road. If I need something quick... it's five minutes away and Kroger isn't my only choice. If JTC and I decide to grab a bite to eat, we don't have to drive 20 or 30 minutes for a little variety... there are now more options close to home.

**fingers crossed**
I hope the traffic is manageable and that the creek bed stays dry!

Music, Movies and ‘Za

Saturday, July 23
7 p.m.
Christ Lutheran Church
299 Haywood Lane

Songwriter Series featuring Rob Crosby (Writer of songs like “Concrete Angel”/ Martina McBride; “She’s More” / Andy Griggs; and more), Donna Ulisse, Diana DeWitt, Marc Stacey, Randi Perkins, Turk Wilder, Jeanne Richardson, Jon Nite and Karleen Watt.

While the songs are playing for the grown-ups, kids movies will be showing in the CLC “theatre.” The nursery will be open and there will be supervision in the movie room so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the music.

Don’t worry about eating supper before you come either… the choir will be selling pop, ‘za (pizza) and munchies.

We're also hosting a Silent Auction during the event which includes a signed Epiphone Guitar donated by Vince Gill.

Cover: $5

Come on over and bring all your friends.
It's a fun, non-churchy, family event to help raise money for CLC's choir outreach programs.

We need a Roy stamp.

Join The Roy Orbison Commemorative Stamp Campaign
A commemorative postage stamp honoring the lifetime achievements of Roy Orbison is in the works. Orbison's influence on popular music spans several decades and touches a wide variety of artists. A member of the Rock & Roll and Nashville Songwriters halls of fame, the six-time Grammy Award winner would have been 70 years old next April.

You can help commemorate the life, talent and music of this American music icon by signing the online petition to the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee at http://www.petitiononline.com/royvote/petition.html.

You can also visit http://www.royorbison.com/ for more information.


"Umm...BRELLA" at Christopher's

Two things:

1. If you haven't tried Christopher's Pizza on Demonbruen (just down from the Tin Roof... before you get to the "roundabout") you MUST check it out. We went there Friday night and it was the best 'za I've had in a LONG time. Ja-makin'-me-hungry ROCKS.

2. Christopher's encourages graffitti. They even provided the Sharpie's for us to write on the tables. So, I wrote "ummm...BRELLA" in three places. I felt so clever. If you go, have a look and let me know if you find them!

Successful Bluebird performance

I had such a GREAT time last night.

Danny Torrell and Jon Coleman backed-me-up at my fourth performance at the infamous cafe. They are incredible musicians. We really connect on stage and the music just feels so good when we perform.

The place was packed and the audience seemed to like it, too.

Thanks to everyone who was able to come out.
Hope you had as much fun as I did!


War of the Worlds

JTC and I actually went on a movie date Saturday night to see War of the Worlds. Let me tell you, it was a seat gripper pretty much all the way through.

I'd been wanting to see it since we saw the trailer for it a few months ago. Then, after it came out, the reviews seemed mixed, so I almost flinched in my desire to see it.

Boy, am I glad we went. Sure there were a couple things that weren't completely logical (which didn't even occur to me until after leaving the theatre), but I don't care. John and I were thoroughly entertained.

Definitely recommend it if you're in the mood for a suspenseful, intense, well done movie. Spielberg has done it again.

PS: Check out the WOW Survival game on the site (theres a graphic link to it at the bottom of the home page). Crazy.



OK. I'm not sure if you've experienced this... but something that drives me crazy (even when I do it myself) is filler words in conversation, presentations, etc. You know, it is the thing people do when they can't think of what they want to say next. (aaaahhhh... ummmmmm... blah blah blah) You get the picture.

It's probably a Toastmasters hold out habit (when I belonged to this club they used to throw a quarter into a tin can filled with change everytime you used a filler word in your speech. It was very un-nerving!) Nonetheless... that is probably why it drives me insane.

So, the other day my friend JC and I were talking about the rain and I realized in mid-sentence that I would need to take my umbrella to work. As I said this aloud to him I elongated the first syllable of uuuummmmbrella.

At that moment we both started laughing. He would say "um" and I would follow with "brella" and vice versa. We did it for ten minutes I bet. Then we got JTC doing it, too.

Hilarious... or at least we thought it was funny.

Then, it occured to me this would be an hysterical way to help myself and others stop using the "um" filler word.

I tested it at lunch the other day with some friends from work. One person said "um" and I said "brella." Of course, I then had to explain the whole story and we ended up doing it to each other through out the rest of lunch.

It was a hoot.

Now, two days later, a co-worker came over to me and said, "I was just in a meeting with someone who said 'um' in front of every other sentence. It was torture... because all I could think of was 'brella' while I smirked. I'm sure she thought I was laughing at her."

So, next time you hear someone pause and say "UMMM..." your response is: "BRELLA!"

It's refreshing, helpful and FUNNY.

If we all do it... it just might catch on and sweep the city! Wouldn't it be cool if everyone in Nashville walked around laughing about "ummm...BRELLA"?!

It would be like our little inside joke.

Who knows where this FABULOUS idea could go?!


Come out to the Bluebird Sunday Night

***We interrupt your normally scheduled work day to bring you this brief but important message.***

I'm playing the Bluebird's Sunday Night Writer's night again this coming Sunday (July 17) at 8 p.m.


Please come if you can swing it.
Shouldn't be too late for a school night.
**fingers crossed**

And, if you know anyone who would like to come, please pass this info along. The more the merrier!


You Keep Me Hanging On

Today's continuous loop is driving me CRAZY.
Where did it come from?
Why is it playing over and over in my head?
How did it get there?
I can't take it!!!

(BB runs screaming out of the office.)


Dodging a hurricane.

Well... we made it back from Florida last night. Rained most of the way but nothing serious. Saturday's gig at Skipper's in Tampa was cancelled due to the tropical storms going on (it is an outside venue) so we ended up getting to spend quality time with Lynn and Emily instead.

Good times.

Anyway... now it is back to the grind.


It's raining buckets.

Wow. I'm in South Tampa at Lynn and Emily's place and it is raining buckets. Due to the effects of Hurricane Dennis, Tampa is under a tornado watch and it looks like tropical storms here for the next 12 to 14 hours.

Not sure BMT will even be able to go on at Skippers as it is a semi-outdoor venue. They were evacuted from their gig in Key West on Thursday. Thankfully, the gig last night was on the East Coast of Florida. Right now, they are on their way to Tampa in this weather. Hopefully, the trailer isn't giving them too much trouble in this wind. **fingers crossed**

Oh well, the cool thing is that in a couple hours I'll get to see JTC not matter what the weather is doing.


Tampa bound.

Tomorrow, I've got a one-way ticket to Tampa to spend time with friends and see JTC play with BMT at Skipper's Saturday night.

Can't wait.

Sunday, I'll ride back with the band from Florida.
Hope the hurricanes don't blow us away!

In the meantime, posts to BB's Blog will be non-existent light until Monday.

Have a GREAT weekend.

JC's New Gig

Our friend JC got the gig to play keys / B3 with LeRoy Parnell... How cool is THAT?!

He's only been in town two weeks.



John Corbett @ Exit/In

Went to see John Corbett (you know him as an actor who's starred things like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," "Sex in the City", Norhtern Exposure, Serendipity, etc.) perform on Billy Block's Western Beat at the Exit/In last night.

It was interesting. He's got a great voice and is good with the crowd. I wish the band would have been a little tighter and more dynamic... everything seemed to be the same after a while. Overall, it was pretty average music with a few good songs sprinkled in... but there is potential. Hope it works out for him.


Aaaaaahhh... sushi for lunch.

DP and I just returned from lunch at RuSans (505 12th Avenue South) today.

Was it YUMMY.

And, if you haven't been there in a while, you'll be happy to know they rearranged the buffet set-up. Instead of having all the goods at six tables in the center of the buffet area, it is now more efficiently arranged around the perimeter of the room. The sushi-half resides on the bar and the Japanese / cooked options and salad are along the opposite wall. Logistically, this made eating at RuSans for lunch an even more pleasant experience than before!

Now... where's my rug?!
I need a nap...zzzzz....

Bluebird ROCKED.

Man... I had soooooo much fun performing at the Bluebird on Sunday night. A big big thank you to JC (keys) and Danny Torrell (guitar). These two guys really connected musically and the songs felt really really good. It has been a LONG time since I felt that free on stage. It is hard to explain but just trust me on this... we had a GREAT time and I hope the audience had as much fun as we did.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting me. I really appreciate it.


BB at the Bluebird

Come out to the Bluebird tomorrow night (7/3) at 8 p.m. I'll be performing on the Sunday Night Writer's night. JC and Danny Torrell are backing me up. AND, my friend Karleen Watt is also performing some of her songs as well... should make it a great night!

Hope to see you there!

Ten happy little piggies.

Yesterday, I got off early at work due to the holiday weekend.

So, Linda and I decided to get indulge ouselves and get pedicures. It was only the second time I'd ever had a pedicure... and I'm not sure why. Man, are my feet happy and pretty (and let me tell you... that's quite a feet feat!) I think I'm going to start getting them once a month.

If you've never had a pedicure, here's how it works:

First, I chose the color, "gypsy cocoa" which was a really dark brick red, I wanted to have painted on my toes. (MEN: skip this part or go for a matte finish clear coat. Seriously... Men get pedicures, too. Don't poo-poo the idea just because you have outdoor plumbing. In fact, if your single, clean well-groomed feet are impressive to the ladies... really... I swear.)

Then, I sat in this massage chair with my feet soaking in a mineral water mini-jacuzzi. While my feet were having a good time below, my back and butt were also getting a massage. Very relaxing.

One at a time, Stephen (my pedicurist who moved to the U.S. from Vietnam seven years ago) fixed-up every single toe on each foot. Cuticles were trimmed. Toenails were filed and buffed. He put several different kinds of lotion and goop on my feet, too.

After the ten little piggies were in ship shape, they began work on my entire foot. My favorite part is when he buffed the soles of my feet using this pumice stone thingy. (This is the part that made Linda giggle.) It feels sooooo good. They also gave my feet and calves a nice massage at this point. AAAaaaaaahhhhh.

Finally, once all the buffing, trimming and goop application was complete, he put dividers between my toes and began applying the "gypsy cocoa" to my squeaky clean tonails. First a clear coat, then the color and then another clear coat of something.

Once the polish was applied, Stephen gave me these funky flip-flop things to wear while I waited for the toe fans to dry my nails. I looked like a duck walking around in them.

And, let me tell you, I don't have the prettiest feet in the world, but if I do say so myself... my feet look and feel FABULOUS.

I highly recommend treating yourself to a pedicure.


JTC: On the road again

JTC is probably pulling out of our driveway in the BMT "bus" about now. They're on the way to another tour of southern Florida.

While I won't be able to hang with them in the Keys, I am flying down to see them play at Skippers in Tampa next Saturday. Can't wait!

Let's all go!
Wadya say?
C'mon... it will be FUN!

French Quarter Gig ROCKED

Thank you to everyone who was able to come out to my show at the French Quarter last night. I had so much fun... hope you did, too. Steve C, JTC, Cat, Kiwamu, Melissa and JC really rocked my world as the Roundabouts. It was a blast... and the time went way too fast. I could do it EVERY DAY ALL DAY!

Anyway... Thank you.

I'm supposed to get a master of the live CD we recorded last night sometime next week. I was planning to use it as a demo to get gigs and pitch a couple songs, but, if it turns out (*fingers crossed*) I may consider making CDs available to people.

Let me know if you'd be interested.

Letterman pics... finally

I finally remembered to add a photo of Lindsay playing with Ben Folds on Letterman.

I am STILL a dork.
But... isn't it COOL!