Are you the office jerk?

This post explains a lot.

Which person would you rather work with?

Less skilled but likeable

More competent but a jerk


Chez Bez said...

"Less skilled but likeable." I'm putting that at the top of my resume. Southwest Airlines, here I come!

Linda said...

Great one! I forwarded it to our office jerk. Let's see what he says. He's neither likeable nor competent. :)

Laura Creekmore said...

I had a lot of trouble with this question.

Why can't everyone be nice and competent?

[Someone may soon chime in, umm, you're the jerk....]

At anyrate, I'm in the [currently] 16% who voted for competent jerks. What can I say? I'm a perfectionist. I want it done right. The first time. Yesterday.

Heh. Maybe we should sign my kid up for therapy now, eh?

BBLogan said...

I agree. What is so wrong with being a competent nice person?!

AND... you're NOT a jerk. Especially when I know first hand that you deal graciously with "clients" who want you to read their mind and then do it right, the first time, yesterday.


Laura Creekmore said...

Ha I come back to read more comments and noticed that I jammed "anyrate" into one word in my first one. That @#$@# perfectionism....