Traffic be damned!

That's what I thought as I backed out of my driveway to make my first pilgrimage to the new shopping mecca on Friday night. Thankfully, the traffic was not a problem at all!

Walked around for 90 minutes (with a list mind you) and spent $100 on absolutely nothing:

Toilet bowl cleaner
Furniture cleaner
Leather cleaner
Dish detergent
Bird seed
Bleach pens
Disinfectant wipes
Carpet cleaner
Resealable plastic storage bags
Trash bags
Soft cat food
Aquarium kitty treats
A cool candle centerpiece
Chocolate candy bars
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Orbit's cinnamon gum
Ginger Altoids

I'm sure there was more nothing, but I can't remember everything right now. It was sooooo long ago. Anyway, the list above is an obvious illustration as to why I don't go shopping... how did I spend a hundred bucks on that?! Yikers.

Oh well... the new Target is really cool. (Pretty much like everyother Target... except new AND near my house. WhooHOOhoo.)


Alison said...

Target is so much fun and SO EASY to spend $100 at! And it's even harder to resist when it's so close to your house!

Sarah said...

I LOVE Ginger Altoids!

Laura Creekmore said...

I'm a. envious of anyone living close to a Target of any type and
b. curious as to what exactly "aquarium kitty treats" are.

BBLogan said...

S: ME, TOO! I thought I was the ONLY one who liked ginger Altoids.

L: "Aquariyums" are kitty treats shaped like little fishes sold in tiny aquarium shaped plastic containers. Believe it or not, we received a free sample in some kitty litter once and our cats LOVE them. So, I'm a sucker. I keep buying them. Guess marketing works. (Whew... good to know. Considering it is how I make the dough to pay the mortgage. HA.)

Kyle said...

BB Logan -- you are one funny lady!