Truth in labeling

I bought a bottle of wine for a friend's house warming get together.
As I looked through all of the options... I realized I had no idea
what to buy. Then, I saw this bottle and figured i couldn't go wrong.
So, I went with "good pinot grigio" and... Well... They weren't
stretching the truth. Heh. It is good.


Look at that dye job...

I think I've seen this before... but it really cracked me up yesterday when I saw it on a friend's myspace. So, I thought I'd share it with you, too. Happy Monday!


Evidence of Musical Salvation

Ok friends... just wanted to share the Mike Farris / Fairfield Four show John and I attended at 3rd & Lindsley last night. It was seriously life altering. 3rd was transformed into a revival... or what I would imagine you'd find at a revival. Heh.

Anyway... I blogged about it on Who's at Third. There's video and links to all the amazingness.



Back Door Slam... slammin'

Tuesday night, 3/18, 3rd is hosting Back Door Slam. Three young dudes puttin' out some rockin' blues that makes the hair stand up on your arms and the back of your neck.

Below is a little video to illustrate what you may not want to miss.
And... here's a link to the Back Door Slam official You Tube channel where you'll find more yummy stuff.

If you want to be assured a seat, you can buy your tix online ahead of time at 3rdandLindsley.com.


Can You DUET?

CMT - Bring your friends and family of ALL AGES
CMT and Freemantle North America (the producers of “American Idol”) are set to tape the final 6 episodes of the newest and most unique singing competition series, CAN YOU DUET at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, beginning on Tuesday, March 4. The audiences will be treated to duets from the top 8 country duos, selected from among the 2,500 hopefuls who descended on downtown Nashville for the auditions in January. The winner will be chosen on the March 27 finale.

FREE taping of CAN YOU DUET open to all ages – no tickets required!

Nashville, TN 37201

Tuesday, March 11
Sunday, March 16
Wednesday, March 19
Saturday, March 22
Thursday, March 27 – FINALE

Doors open 6:00 PM
Doors Close at 7:00 PM
Show Starts at 8:00 PM


Clocky's Playin' the Opry Friday!

Whoohoooo... you'll see my favorite person in the word hittin' the skins with Jimmy Wayne, Joe West and Dave Pahanish if you attend the Opry on Friday night. Yay!

Jimmy Wayne is friggin' amazing... can't wait for everyone to hear his single that will be officially released next week, "Do You Believe Me Now?"

Should be a rockin' show. Get your tickets today.

Tanky tricks...

Clocky's been workin' with Tank... and he's pickin' up all kinds of tricks. Here's just a little glimpse into the world of our little smartie.


Airborne caught in a cold lie

As someone who's consumed mucho Airborne... I thought I'd pass this along. Now, with that, I will also say that I never thought Airborne would "cure" a cold. I always understood that it would give your immune system a vitamin boost to help avert and/or speed up relief from illness.

However, based on the information provided from Yahoo! News (thanks to Clocky for passing it along) it is all a big sham. From the "scientific research" to the claims made on the package and in advertising. Basically... Airborne is just a fizzy little Tang flavored placebo... or a very expensive vitamin C boost.


If you have your receipts you can get all your money back for any Airborne you've purchased. If you don't have your receipts, you can claim up to 6 purchases.

How to claim your refund:
or, call 1 888 952 9080

Go here to watch the whole story:
Airborne pays back customers

Go here to read more:


Reserve your tix - Mike Farris | Fairfield Four

Mark your calendars.

The Fairfield Four and Mike Farris are coming to Nashville!
3rd and Lindsley
Sunday, 3/16

8 p.m.
Lightning 100 Nashville Live

Go to the calendar section of 3rd & Lindsey's website to reserve your tickets as soon as possible.

This is an amazing show and they're anticipating a sell out crowd.
Don't delay... reserve your seat TODAY.
And, be prepared to be musically saved.

tanky sleeps, walks & bathes

Oh my... we've been having fun with our little... um... growing Tank.

The sleeping gorilla in the first pic... was a new toy that he destroyed within 24 hours. Heh. New rule: no more stuffed toys until he's done teething.

The second pic... Tanky's first walk at the Ag Center near our home. He LOVED it.

And... the third and fourth pics... evidence of Tank's first doggie bath. Which was a surprisingly calm event. Daddy knew what he was doing... of course!