8 TONIGHT @ Lyrix Cafe

Sorry for the short notice... but I was asked to join a round tonight and wanted to let you know about it.

8 p.m.
Lyrix Cafe (94 Peabody)
Karleen Watt, Rachel Williams & Me

If you brave the cold, we'll warm you up with our songs.

Hope you can make it out!

Karoke for the Deaf

OMGoodness. This is HILARIOUS.
Have a laugh on me... well... um... and You Tube.


Do you know what this is?

Chase discovered this at his desk after lunch today.

Do you know what this is?

I'll give you until tomorrow morning to post a comment with your guess. (cabedge patch farmers are not eligible for this contest! sorry guys.)

Then... at 8 a.m. tomorrow, I will reveal its true identity.

I know.
I know.
The suspense is killing you.

ANSWER: Silly Putty is correct. Linda and Danielle are the winners! You guys are GOOD.

7 p.m. Tuesday Night @ FUEL

Just wanted to let you know that I'll be playing a few songs at FUEL (downtown Nashville next to the pedestrian bridge on 2nd ave) tomorrow night @ 7 p.m. ish with Lani Nash and tons of other cool writers (entire show runs from 5 - 9).

And, if you want to make a night of it... the MUZIKMAFIA performs afterwards at 9 p.m.

Come out if you can swing it!

Prayer request

The son of a friend passed away yesterday as a result of an ATV accident.

No words can express the sadness in my heart over this news.

Please include the family of Alex Levasseur in your prayers.



Happy positive thinking

For Christmas, my friend Jennifer gave me a book: The Traveler's Gift
She also loaned me a documentary-of-sorts: The Secret

Both basically reinforce the "law of attraction" and the power of your mind. While the theory isn't new to me (been working hard at shifting my "internal tape" for more than a decade now... some days I'm better at it than others, but then that is another post. heh. ), these two sources really illustrated it in a way that was easily digestible to me... and a way that really spoke to me. I've now got my own copy of "The Secret" and have watched it twice; plus, I am in the process of reading "The Traveler's Gift" again.

The principle theory of both is simply this:
what you think about, you will manifest in your life.

If you're always thinking about the worst case scenario... you'll attract the "worst case scenario" to your life.

If you can shift your thinking to what is good and what you WANT to happen instead, shift your focus and truly believe in what is possible... believe in yourself... THAT is what you'll attract.

It almost seems too simple... but as I think about my life and the people around me... I see evidence of it everywhere.

I've already passed on the book and movie to some friends in person... but wanted to share it with you as well. Take it for what it's worth... think of it as "chicken soup"... can't hurt, right?

Happy positive thinking.



I'm performing in the round tonight at Douglas Corner!
Come out if you can swing it.
I'd love to see you.


So, once again this morning, we saw a car accident on the news. Someone had t-boned another car over in Metro Center.

Gee... I wonder how that happened?

Hmmmm... do you supposed somone was running a red light?
In Nashville?!
**insert sarcastic tone**

So, if you're reading this, and you make a habit of running red lights, please make a note to yourself.

Ready? got your pen? Okay... here it is:


If you see a RED light in front of you, the cars coming from the other way are seeing a GREEN light.

If you don't SLOW DOWN when you see a YELLOW light so you can STOP at a RED LIGHT, the GREEN LIGHT cars will HIT you.

Get it?
Got it?

End of rant.


But I Digress

OMGoodness... Shawn Byrne, my soul brothah, is done with his latest creative effort. It's called "But I Digress" and it is kickin' my bootay in a very good way.

Please, please, please go check it out. Message him at his myspace and request your very own copy.

OR, you can experience his incredible musical vibe in person, attend his CD release party on 2/3 @ Fuel and buy your very own copy there. Sorry friends... the gigs been postponed... but you can still send Shawn a message and request a copy!

Rock on, Shawn. Rock on.


Friday Night Fun

Just wanted to let you know that I'm performing in-the-round THIS coming Friday, from 6 - 8 p.m. at Douglas Corner with CJ Castle, Karleen Watt and Steve Cranford.

Call the sitter... mark your calendar... whatever you have to do... DO IT.

Hope to see you there!


Not your average travel guide


Just re-connected with my friend Joseph Van Harken via chat and found out he's working on a show on the Travel Channel called "Not Your Average Travel Guide".

It is basically the "one man band" approach to video reporting. He's been to Rome, Barcelona and is currently on his way to Costa Rica. Soon, he's headed to India, too.

I love it when people are able to make a living doing what they love to do.
Rock on Joe.


The Diet Detective

Saw a little segment on the news with the founder of this site this morning on CBS News. He was talking about the importance of not only eating healthy, but also making sure you're not taking in more calories than your body needs.

There is a cool "calorie calculator" on the Diet Detective site (the link is about half way down the left column) that calculates how many calories you need each day to maintain your weight... as well as how many calories you need each day to reduce weight.

Plus there's all kinds of cool information about nutrition as well... check it out.


For the grammar Nazi...

Saw this toon on Carey Moore's site and couldn't resist sharing it with you and all of my fellow grammar Nazi friends. (You know who you are... Laura E.)

Globe coverage observations

Did anyone else notice that the network coverage of the Globes didn't mention much about who won the awards?

It seemed like we were more concerned with what the women were wearing on the red carpet.

What's up with that?!

I'm so sick of hearing about that stuff in the "news". Um... HEY... these are not fashion awards. These are awards to recognized someone's hard work and dedication. That's what I want to hear about... the substance of their work and what it represents... not the dress that someone chose to wear to the ceremony.

And, on another note, does anyone ever pick apart what the men are wearing on the red carpet? No. If they do... I haven't seen it.

So... why is it okay to rip apart and judge what women choose to wear on the red carpet? How would we feel if someone did that to us?

How about this? Let's just let the actresses feel pretty on her special night... no matter what some "fashion expert" thinks.

Maybe say something like, "You could tell Meryl Streep felt beautiful in her Greek dress."

Instead of, "Meryl Streep just can't pull-off this look. The color washes her out and the style is old news... blah blah blah."

So, if you are interested in who took home the awards... go here.

If you want to figure out who had the "hottest look" or was the "worst dressed"... you're on your own.

End of rant.
Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.


Scorpions on a plane

Heard about this on my way to work this morning, but didn't realize there were TWO seperate scorpion incidents.
  • One guy was stung by a scorpion during a flight from Miami to Toronto.
  • Another was stung on both legs... the scorpion actually fell out of his pant leg... on a flight from Chicago to Vermont.
Happy travelers... beware.

Apple just pwned you.

At cabedge, we've got some incredibly funny, creative and brilliant people. Yesterday, one of them (coolio) posted this custom tag under his chat name: "Apple just pwned you"

What the???

I kept looking at it yesterday... wondering what it meant. It just kept glaring at me from the IM window... taunting me.

Then when I saw it again this morning, I had an "AAAA-HAH" moment. I thought I'd figured it out for sure. So, I boldly began a chat with coolio... thinking I was pretty smart. Well... for the record, I'm NOT. I was CLUELESS.

Here is the chat for your reading enjoyment...

BB: I couldn't figure pwned out yesterday...
BB: it just hit me.
BB: nice.
coolio: people may not know it yet but they will
BB: we'll evangelize it...
BB: soon everyone will be using it...
BB: phoned will become obsolete.
coolio: it is the killer trojan horse
BB: yeah.
coolio: phoned
coolio: hahaha
coolio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pwned
BB: lmao.
BB: i am such a loser.
BB: bbbwwwaaahahahahahahahahahahaha.
coolio: smiley face
BB: Nice.
BB: although...
BB: I think I could make a comedy schtick out of the whole pwned / phoned thing...
BB: heh.

OK... so now you know what pwned means, too. ... and if you don't yet, go click that link up there.

**she wipes hands**

No thanks necessary.
I'm here for you, friends.


carry on.


So, Mr. Rich is building a big house...

Good for him.

It's not like he's proposing a junk yard or something... he just wants to build the house he wants in a neighborhood he wants to live in. Sometimes I think people just need something to complain about.

Hey John... you can build a house in my neighborhood if it doesn't work out over there... we'll be happy to share the street with you.

I want an iPhone

But then, after today's announcement at macworld in SF... who doesn't?

Looks like the "phones" are going to be availabel in February... and they are even taking orders. My biggest obstacle... they are only available with cingular.

Drat... foiled again. I'm Verizon... we'll just have to wait and see if they hop on the train... got too many people I can talk to for free with Verizon to give that up now.

Rex is there... blogging... of course. (Hammockman rocks.) Can't wait to hear more from his POV.

And, macrumorslive is giving minute-by-minute coverage of everything that's going on... including pics of the new iPhone. ROCK.


Floating olives?

My latest creative burst produced this painting today.

I think it looks like big floating olives.

What do you think it is?


My eyes are red...

because I have conjuctivitis (a.k.a. PINK EYE).

It's true... and it's not pretty... but it IS pink.

Not sure where I picked this up, but Bethany, the Minute Clinic chick (Minute Clinic ROCKS, BTW. Wish I'd have thought of it.), says she's seen a lot of it this week.

With that in mind... you may want to wash your hands a little more often the next couple weeks, get a gallon of that wash-free antibactieral stuff and stop touching your eyes altogether for a while... cause this sucks.

So, I'm working from home today... figured my work peeps would appreciate my keeping the extremely contagious pinkness away from them.

So, I got my antibiotical eye drops, my cabedge powerbook and sweat pants... I'm sittin' cross-legged at the coffee table and type-type-typin' away.

Good times.


Clocky had lunch with the Pope...

... in his dream last night.

He never remembers his dreams, but for some reason this morning John woke up and said: "You'll never believe who I was just eating lunch with in my dream. The Pope. We we'd just finished going through a buffet line, were eating lunch and then he was taking me to the zoo."



I am an Egg-o-matic muffin freak

Guess what my buddy Denice gave me for Christmas?!#?!

The Egg-o-matic egg and muffin toaster.


Been pining for one since late summer of 2005.

We tried it out for the first time at John's parents on Friday. Then, Clocky made me breakfast with it this morning. It has now taken the toaster's position on our counter.

And, it it awesome. You can even make up-to four hard boiled eggs with it!

Like I said, everyone needs one of these.
Thanks Neece.