I am an Egg-o-matic muffin freak

Guess what my buddy Denice gave me for Christmas?!#?!

The Egg-o-matic egg and muffin toaster.


Been pining for one since late summer of 2005.

We tried it out for the first time at John's parents on Friday. Then, Clocky made me breakfast with it this morning. It has now taken the toaster's position on our counter.

And, it it awesome. You can even make up-to four hard boiled eggs with it!

Like I said, everyone needs one of these.
Thanks Neece.

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Denice said...

YAY!!! How fun! I get to see photos of how your egg-o-matic and muffin toaster works!! Looks yummy good. I loved seeing your face when you opened it. Merry Christmas & Hap, Hap, Happy New Year Chica : )