Apple just pwned you.

At cabedge, we've got some incredibly funny, creative and brilliant people. Yesterday, one of them (coolio) posted this custom tag under his chat name: "Apple just pwned you"

What the???

I kept looking at it yesterday... wondering what it meant. It just kept glaring at me from the IM window... taunting me.

Then when I saw it again this morning, I had an "AAAA-HAH" moment. I thought I'd figured it out for sure. So, I boldly began a chat with coolio... thinking I was pretty smart. Well... for the record, I'm NOT. I was CLUELESS.

Here is the chat for your reading enjoyment...

BB: I couldn't figure pwned out yesterday...
BB: it just hit me.
BB: nice.
coolio: people may not know it yet but they will
BB: we'll evangelize it...
BB: soon everyone will be using it...
BB: phoned will become obsolete.
coolio: it is the killer trojan horse
BB: yeah.
coolio: phoned
coolio: hahaha
coolio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pwned
BB: lmao.
BB: i am such a loser.
BB: bbbwwwaaahahahahahahahahahahaha.
coolio: smiley face
BB: Nice.
BB: although...
BB: I think I could make a comedy schtick out of the whole pwned / phoned thing...
BB: heh.

OK... so now you know what pwned means, too. ... and if you don't yet, go click that link up there.

**she wipes hands**

No thanks necessary.
I'm here for you, friends.


carry on.

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