My eyes are red...

because I have conjuctivitis (a.k.a. PINK EYE).

It's true... and it's not pretty... but it IS pink.

Not sure where I picked this up, but Bethany, the Minute Clinic chick (Minute Clinic ROCKS, BTW. Wish I'd have thought of it.), says she's seen a lot of it this week.

With that in mind... you may want to wash your hands a little more often the next couple weeks, get a gallon of that wash-free antibactieral stuff and stop touching your eyes altogether for a while... cause this sucks.

So, I'm working from home today... figured my work peeps would appreciate my keeping the extremely contagious pinkness away from them.

So, I got my antibiotical eye drops, my cabedge powerbook and sweat pants... I'm sittin' cross-legged at the coffee table and type-type-typin' away.

Good times.

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Sarah Ashlee said...

Poor Jeanne! I hope you feel better!