Happy positive thinking

For Christmas, my friend Jennifer gave me a book: The Traveler's Gift
She also loaned me a documentary-of-sorts: The Secret

Both basically reinforce the "law of attraction" and the power of your mind. While the theory isn't new to me (been working hard at shifting my "internal tape" for more than a decade now... some days I'm better at it than others, but then that is another post. heh. ), these two sources really illustrated it in a way that was easily digestible to me... and a way that really spoke to me. I've now got my own copy of "The Secret" and have watched it twice; plus, I am in the process of reading "The Traveler's Gift" again.

The principle theory of both is simply this:
what you think about, you will manifest in your life.

If you're always thinking about the worst case scenario... you'll attract the "worst case scenario" to your life.

If you can shift your thinking to what is good and what you WANT to happen instead, shift your focus and truly believe in what is possible... believe in yourself... THAT is what you'll attract.

It almost seems too simple... but as I think about my life and the people around me... I see evidence of it everywhere.

I've already passed on the book and movie to some friends in person... but wanted to share it with you as well. Take it for what it's worth... think of it as "chicken soup"... can't hurt, right?

Happy positive thinking.

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