Clocky had lunch with the Pope...

... in his dream last night.

He never remembers his dreams, but for some reason this morning John woke up and said: "You'll never believe who I was just eating lunch with in my dream. The Pope. We we'd just finished going through a buffet line, were eating lunch and then he was taking me to the zoo."



dp said...

Did the Pope heal his broken ankle, too? Oh, wait... that was a different story. Micronesia comes to mind.

BBLogan said...

HEH heh HEH.
You are FUNNY.
**in John Lovit's SNL voice**
yeah... yeah... it was all a dream. Those macadamia nuts were from Hawaii... um... i mean... micronesia... yeah... micronesia.

Connie said...

I would love to hear an interpretation of THAT dream! Were they going to the zoo in the Pope-mobile? How cool would that be? LOL