Wow... made me listen

No matter what party you favor in the upcoming Presidential primaries, or what you believe personally, I think you can appreciate someone standing behind his beliefs. I, for one, was compelled to listen. And, I'm going to be taking a closer look at Mike Huckabee because of this video. (Thanks to Blakems for sending me the link.)


Stevie Wonder!!!

We're going to see THE man on Saturday night.
Stevie Wonder
Sommet Center
8 p.m.
December 1

Can't wait.
I think there are... unbelievably... still tickets left.
C'mon... you know you want to... go get yours right now!

39 and holding...

Brenda turns 39 today.
She's my brother's wife... and my sistah.
So glad you get to hit this number first chickola!
Hope you're day is amazing.
I love you.


cabedge needs visionaries.

Hey blog peeps... just got this message from the head of cabedge (chris blanz). Pass the info below along to anyone you think might be interested.

We need visionaries.
We need thinkers.
We need inventors.

Every so often, I get the urge to climb up on a rooftop and shout our recent achievements to the world, but today, my main reason for reaching out is recruiting new members for the cabedge patch. Perhaps you already know someone who would be the perfect fit for our team.

We're looking for programming visionaries who can not only help identify a problem, but who can think through possible solutions and help invent new ways of systematically solving those problems.

Oh... we need some of those "git-r-done" types too. You know the ones. Those types who may be a little newer to the game, but have the ambition to do bigger, better things and just need some experience to help them get there.

Know of someone who may fit? Send them to http://cabedge.com/jobs/ for more information.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Happy Birthday Big Brother

Tony hit the big 40 today.
Where has the time gone?!
Seems like just yesterday we were double-dating in your 1974 Pontiac Grand Prix.
Happy birthday.
I love you big bro.


Next Great American Artist

Can you pick the winner?

The submissions are in and judged... now it is up to you to help determine the winner for Kirkland's Next Great American Artist.

You only get one vote per valid email... so choose wisely! No stuffing the ballot box on this one. **wink**


Our friends at Tubatomic Studios in Chattanooga made this site... and it is now time to vote for the funniest ad.

My favorite so far is a fire-putting-out-farting-squirrel... hilarious. You can vote every day until the end of December... go for it.

Holiday Gift List Worksheet

Real Simple has a printable Holiday Gift List Worksheet. Given the holiday shopping frenzy officially begins on Friday, thought I'd share this little find with all of you. I used it last year... it helped me stay on budget and coordinate my shopping efforts efficiently.

Happy present hunting!


Keith Richards and the Expensive Whinos

OK... meant to tell you about this a couple weeks ago, but, as you may have noticed, I've been too busy for blogging... wish I could blog with my mind instead of my fingers. Heh. **sorry**

Anyway... John and I were at 3rd and Lindsley to see Gary Nicholson and the guys play. While we were waiting for the show to begin, Mikey (sound man) had a great CD playing. We were really groovin' on it and asked him what it was... to our surprise it was "Keith Richards and the Expensive Whinos - Live at the Palladium".

The more we listened, the more we really like it... so I hopped on my trusty iPhone and ordered it off of Amazon.com. It worked really well BTW... or so I thought.

A couple weeks later, I realized that we hadn't received it yet but really didn't think much of it until I got a call from Brenda, my sister-in-law.

Here's how the conversation basically went:

Brenda: "Hey... Katie got your CD today!"
Me: "Really... she got a CD from me? I don't remember sending a CD. Are you sure?"

Brenda: "Yeah... came from Amazon. It had Katie's name on it. Is it a present?"
Me: (as the light bulb goes on) "What CD is it?"

Brenda: "It's... um... the whinos or something like that..."
Me: "Oh... funny..."

And then I proceeded to tell her the story of us ordering the CD from my iPhone at 3rd. Apparently, when I ordered, it didn't use the address I selected... or maybe I didn't save it or something... so, Katie (because she's in my Amazon address book) received the CD.

Well... if that isn't funny enough... found out from Brenda that she went to get the CD, and it was in Katie's CD player. She's been listening to it (she's 9... let's hope she's not getting a KR education... heh).

So now, I don't have the heart to take it back. Right? I mean... I can't take a CD away from my niece? Can I? She thinks it was a present! I don't want to hurt her feelings.

What would you do?

Worst case scenario, I can put it in my iTunes when I'm home for Christmas and let the album stay with Katie... or just buy another copy for us. Who knows... maybe she'll want some Stones for Christmas now?! heh.


Date-nut bread

Ran across dates for sale at Publix yesterday. So, on a whim, I decided to whip up some of my Grandma's date-nut bread (pic of the actual recipie to the left). Felt like I was spending the day with her. It was nice.

Here's the short of the long:

First... soak the dates in boiling soda water. While they are soaking away, cream the sugar, eggs and shortening together in a bowl.

Second... Once the boiling water over the dates has cooled to luke warm, blend the flour, salt and date reserves (the liquid) alternately

Third... pour into bread pans and bake @ 350 for 60 - 70 minutes

Fourth... cut a slice, butter it... EAT IT!


Wow... who knew?!

Well... not me! I had no idea that Salman Rushdie was/is married to Padma Lakshmi (host of Bravo's Top Chef - Season Two).

Is this news to anyone else or have I just been living under a rock?!

Realized my "cave dwelling status" when I read about their impending divorce from an article listed on Today's YahooNews top headlines... the article is dated July 2, 2007. Guess I'm not the only one living under a rock!

Oh well... guess it isn't really any of my business anyway. Good wishes to the both of them.


Bleaching? Down there?!

OK... a while ago I posted about a crazy "Just for Men" ad that appeared on my Yahoo! mail screen.

Well... had another one today.

I had no idea such a thing was a problem.
Who actually needs this procedure?
Wait... no... I'm not sure I want to know.


Bekka Bramlett Performing Friday!

Bekka Bramlett and The Couch Potato Band
3rd and Lindsley
Friday Nov. 9th @ 10:00

(That's TOMORROW if you're reading this on Thursday... and TODAY if you're reading this on Friday.)

  • Jon Coleman
    (You'll hear Jon perform some of his rockin' original work... Plus, he'll be mashin' those ivories all night!)

  • The Britt Family Singers and Slingers: Bob, Tom, and Etta (oh... and Bekka, of course!)

  • Nick Buda (drums)

  • Charles 'Big Country' Hayes (bass)

  • Oh yah... and the big velvet couch
    Hope to see you there!


    Sir Francis Drake's Prayer (1577)

    This morning, I had the privilege of singing with my friend Bill Tennyson at his family's church, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. It was their 23rd Annual Women's Celebration Sunday... the leader of their national women's organization spoke and a prayer she read spoke to me. So, I thought I'd share it with you as well. It was written by Sir Francis Drake, an explorer who was one of the first to circumvent the world by sea.

    Disturb us, Lord, when
    We are too pleased with ourselves,
    When our dreams have come true
    Because we dreamed too little,
    When we arrived safely
    Because we sailed too close to the shore.

    Disturb us, Lord, when
    with the abundance of things we possess
    We have lost our thirst
    For the waters of life;
    Having fallen in love with life,
    We have ceased to dream of eternity
    And in our efforts to build a new earth,
    We have allowed our vision
    Of the new Heaven to dim.

    Disturb us, Lord, to dare more boldly,
    To venture on wilder seas
    Where storms will show Your mastery;
    Where losing sight of land,
    We shall find the stars.

    We ask you to push back
    The horizons of our hopes;
    And to push back the future
    In strength, courage, hope, and love.

    This we ask in the name of our Captain,
    Who is Jesus Christ.


    make my logo bigger cream!

    The solution everyone is looking for!
    "Make my logo bigger" cream has finally arrived. They've also got a great solution for too much white space and another for giving your ad more "pop".
    Love it.
    (Thanks to Connie for the laugh.)