Keith Richards and the Expensive Whinos

OK... meant to tell you about this a couple weeks ago, but, as you may have noticed, I've been too busy for blogging... wish I could blog with my mind instead of my fingers. Heh. **sorry**

Anyway... John and I were at 3rd and Lindsley to see Gary Nicholson and the guys play. While we were waiting for the show to begin, Mikey (sound man) had a great CD playing. We were really groovin' on it and asked him what it was... to our surprise it was "Keith Richards and the Expensive Whinos - Live at the Palladium".

The more we listened, the more we really like it... so I hopped on my trusty iPhone and ordered it off of Amazon.com. It worked really well BTW... or so I thought.

A couple weeks later, I realized that we hadn't received it yet but really didn't think much of it until I got a call from Brenda, my sister-in-law.

Here's how the conversation basically went:

Brenda: "Hey... Katie got your CD today!"
Me: "Really... she got a CD from me? I don't remember sending a CD. Are you sure?"

Brenda: "Yeah... came from Amazon. It had Katie's name on it. Is it a present?"
Me: (as the light bulb goes on) "What CD is it?"

Brenda: "It's... um... the whinos or something like that..."
Me: "Oh... funny..."

And then I proceeded to tell her the story of us ordering the CD from my iPhone at 3rd. Apparently, when I ordered, it didn't use the address I selected... or maybe I didn't save it or something... so, Katie (because she's in my Amazon address book) received the CD.

Well... if that isn't funny enough... found out from Brenda that she went to get the CD, and it was in Katie's CD player. She's been listening to it (she's 9... let's hope she's not getting a KR education... heh).

So now, I don't have the heart to take it back. Right? I mean... I can't take a CD away from my niece? Can I? She thinks it was a present! I don't want to hurt her feelings.

What would you do?

Worst case scenario, I can put it in my iTunes when I'm home for Christmas and let the album stay with Katie... or just buy another copy for us. Who knows... maybe she'll want some Stones for Christmas now?! heh.

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Emily said...

The niece should keep if she is enjoying it.