Bekka Bramlett Performing Friday!

Bekka Bramlett and The Couch Potato Band
3rd and Lindsley
Friday Nov. 9th @ 10:00

(That's TOMORROW if you're reading this on Thursday... and TODAY if you're reading this on Friday.)

  • Jon Coleman
    (You'll hear Jon perform some of his rockin' original work... Plus, he'll be mashin' those ivories all night!)

  • The Britt Family Singers and Slingers: Bob, Tom, and Etta (oh... and Bekka, of course!)

  • Nick Buda (drums)

  • Charles 'Big Country' Hayes (bass)

  • Oh yah... and the big velvet couch
    Hope to see you there!

    1 comment:

    Daneille said...

    I am in town so I will definately be there. Hope to see you there.