Airborne caught in a cold lie

As someone who's consumed mucho Airborne... I thought I'd pass this along. Now, with that, I will also say that I never thought Airborne would "cure" a cold. I always understood that it would give your immune system a vitamin boost to help avert and/or speed up relief from illness.

However, based on the information provided from Yahoo! News (thanks to Clocky for passing it along) it is all a big sham. From the "scientific research" to the claims made on the package and in advertising. Basically... Airborne is just a fizzy little Tang flavored placebo... or a very expensive vitamin C boost.


If you have your receipts you can get all your money back for any Airborne you've purchased. If you don't have your receipts, you can claim up to 6 purchases.

How to claim your refund:
or, call 1 888 952 9080

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Airborne pays back customers

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