The Most Important Job in the World

Today we celebrate all the mothers in our lives... our own mothers, our brothers mothers, our sister mothers, our friend mothers, mothers we don't even know... and those who serve as mothers to our children... teachers, day care providers, nurses, mentors, single fathers and too many others to name. You know who you are.

Our mothers brought us into this world... and whether you are close to your mother or not, today is a day to be thankful for the gift she's given us.


All of the mothers around us help us become the people we are, both directly and indirectly.

Today, I want to thank all the Mothers in my life, for showing me who I am and who are still showing me who I want to be.

Thank you to my Mom, Connie, for her perserverance and sacrifices. Being a young mom wasn't easy, but you put us first and I think we turned-out pretty well. You helped to teach us right from wrong, good from bad, compassion for others and how to stand-up for what we believe even when it isn't popular. I love you, Mom.

Thank you to John's mom, Gertie, for raising the most important person in my life. He is a reflection of your unconditional love, support and selflessness. You are a light in his world... and mine. I love you, Gertie.

Thank you to Brenda, Tony's wife, for your dedication, awareness, support and focus on your family. You have helped raise three AMAZING children: Cassy, Arthur and Katie. They are a reflection of your love and compassion and caring. You are my sister. You are my friend. You are doing what you were made to do... be a mother. And, you do it well. I love you, Brenda.

Thank you to Minnie, Tom's wife, for your focus, creativity and dedication to your family. You put Tom and the girls first... you have vision for your family and it is reflected in your beautiful girls, Grace and Brooke. They are two of the happiest kids we know. I love you, Minnie.

Thank you to Sarah, Jim's wife, for taking the leap and moving to the country to be with my brother and start your family together. Madisen and Ciera are beautiful, loving children... I'm proud of you and support you. I love you, Sarah.

Thank you to my friends who are mothers: Shannan, Paige, Sara, Linda, Mandy, Laura C, Connie, Kim, Jonell, Ginger and so many more... You are an inspiration. Your lives are full in part because of your dedication to your children. It inspires me. I admire, respect and love all of you.

To every person who is a Mother on this beautiful day...
Happy Mother's Day.

You have the most important job in the entire world.


lcreekmo said...

Thank you so much, sweet friend!!

Anonymous said...

You're such a sweet pally! Thanks for the very nice post! :) xoxo O'Shea