What do Edgehill Studios, Dan McGuinness and the Bluebird Cafe have in common?

Give up?!


I'll be performing at these great songwriter venues over the next week or so and would LOVE to see you there.

Here are the details:

FRIDAY (tomorrow), 5/11
8 P.M.
Megan Light, Greg Friia, Steffon Hamulak & me.
It's on Edgehill just off Music Row. They have great food, drink and free internet... so you can eat a bite, have a beer and check your myspace while you listen to us swap songs! Multitasking at its finest.

MONDAY, 5/14
7:30 P.M.
Joni Wilson, Tammy Fowler, Jamie Floyd, Monica Perry, Whitney Johnson & me... just to name a few. The night is hosted by the FABULOUS Terri Jo Box... and if we're lucky, she'll sing a few, too.

FRIDAY, 5/18
6 P.M.
Lala Deaton, Karleen Watt, Lisa Carver & me
We are going to have a BLAST in this round. If you plan to attend, I recommend you call ahead and make reservations (615. 383.1461)... it's gonna be FUN... and **shhhhhhh** quietly rowdy. **wink**

Get a sitter.
Make a date.
Bring your friends.
Come on OUT!
We'll have a few laughs... hangin' and sharin' songs with y'all.

Hope to see your smilin' face there.

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