OMG!!! Ann is in Nashville!!!

I haven't seen one of my best college friends, Ann, in eight years... since we moved to Nashville. But this week, she's in town for the Crossroads Children's Chorus Festival. Shes now a music teacher in Rapid City, SD (for more than 14 years now!) AND she works as Artistic Director with the Rapid City Children's Chorus.

Not only were we friends, RA's and roomates during college at USD, but we were also music majors together, study partners, classmates, choir members and laugh-partners. She took me to the emergency room when I was sick way back in 1989... we've walked on Mt. Rushmore together... I could go on and on and on.

Our lives get in the way of Ann and I talking often... but like Denice, Ann is one of those people. You know... the kind of person that even though you haven't spoken weeks or months... it seems like you just spoke yesterday. I love that.

Ann is truly amazing.
I can't wait to see her... we just confirmed plans to see each other for lunch on Wednesday!!! WHOOOHOOOOOO!
I may need to do some ab work to prepare for all the laughing on we will be doing!

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