Each morning, as I'm getting ready for work I watch the local news for traffic and the day's scoop.

This morning as I turned on the TV and went to change the channel from the station I was watching the night before, I heard someone say "... Lee Roy Parnell...".

**Wait... what was that?!**

I scrambled to change the station back as fast as I could and caught the end of a promo for GAC's Master Series. And... who was sittin' right there with Bill Cody?!

Why it was Lee Roy Parnell... country blues slide guitar master. He's going to be the featured artist on Sunday's show, 10 CT / 11 ET.


The interview was taped last Tuesday (2/28) before rehearsal.
Can't wait to see it!

Next up: CMT?
They came to rehearsals last Thursday (3/2) to interview Lee Roy and while they were there also shot some video of him and the band practicing. Keep your eyes peeled for LRP on CMT with a really groovy drummer keepin' time. Not sure what the interview / video was for... may be an interview segment for their country news stuff... could be a feature artist of some kind. Who knows what they have in mind for the interview / video?! I can only guess at this point. Let me know if you see anything.

And, when they get back at the end of March... it sounds like Lee Roy may be at CMT shooting a Studio 330 session as well.
More YAY!

UPDATE / 12:26 p.m. / 03.13.06:
Stayed home from church to watch the show on Sunday. It was cool and just reinforced to me what a great person Lee Roy is... I'm so glad JTC gets to play with such a great cat.

LRP and the band are on their way to Chicago right now. They'll have a night off there tonight and then they play in Chicago tomorrow night. Hope JTC gets to go to the zoo while he's there... but so far it's not lookin' good. They won't get there until late this afternoon, and then they have to set-up and sound check for their show during the day tomorrow. Oh well, I'm keepin' my fingers crossed for him anyway.

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Chez Bez said...

I'll be sure to set my VCR so that I can watch The Clock. Very cool, indeed.