U Conn't Beat Mason

Check it out... DP discovered that our friend / co-worker, Eric Welch, made the sports wires this morning. She recognized his mug in the teeny tiny thumbnail on the FoxSports page (a thumbnail pic below the main graphic on the BB home page).

Eric traveled to catch the games of his almamater over the weekend... and I'd say it looks like he's pretty stoked about the results.

Because this is an AP photo, he's pictured on several sites like Yahoo News and tons of regional newspapers.

Pretty cool.
Way to go Eric. (I think you've used up a few of your 15 minutes! HA!)

Those of you who know me, know that I'm not really into the March Madness thing... but today I say...

Go George Mason!

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Sarah Ashlee said...

Aww! Our little Eric is famous!