On the road...

Well... I ended up taking a personal day from work yesterday to see John off. Helped him get his stuff on LRP's tour bus and was doing cartwheels inside myself as I drove away. YAY! John is living his dream. How cool is that?! I'm soooo happy and proud of him.

The gigs over the weekend went great. By the time Sunday's gig rolled around, all of the guys were really gelling and the crowds at all three shows were incredible. You could tell that Lee Roy has been missed by his fans.

Tonight they play in New York City at BB Kings. It's the CD release party (which means the album is actually in stores TODAY!) and it sounds like there might be some cool friends of Lee Roy sittin' in. Plus, Universal South may be taping the event and there's a rumor that Rolling Stone may also be there to check it out. Wow. No pressure! **wink** Seriously though, what a GREAT way to officially kick it off.

Got to get to work so I can catch up from being gone yesterday... but I'll post more about John's adventure this week as the updates come in.

UPDATE 5:02 p.m.: Just discovered that there is now video of Lee Roy Parnell and the band playing their first gig last Friday up on Lee Roy's site. And... you can see JTC layin' it down right behind him. YAY!

**popping buttons**

If you click the link above, it will take you to a page with a link to here that opens a video / media player... once you're on the media player, look for the word "video" at the top of the box. Click it and wait a little bit... eventually the video of "Back to the Well" will load in the window.

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