Elephants out my window

The circus is in town... And it just went by our offices downtown. If
you look real close, you can see the elephants heading the procession.
Friggin' cool.


"I Will" is #23 this week!

Just sharing the good news... Jimmy Wayne's song, "I Will", is #23 on the Media Base country chart this week! It's an amazing song, written by Dave Pahanish and Rory Lee Feek, produced by Joe West.

Joe included both Clocky and I on the song (Thank you, Joe!) and we heard it on the radio for the first time while we were visiting family in Nebraska over the holidays. Surreal.

Anyway... thanks for supporting the song. Please call your local country station and keep requesting it. And, don't forget to vote for it on GAC and CMT's Top 20 Video Countdown each week, too.


Watch John TODAY on WGN

John's in Chicago performing with Jimmy Wayne on WGN's midday show today.

Starts at 11:55 CST.

Sounds like they'll be playing right at the beginning of the show, a segment in the middle and as they close the show.

Watch if you can!


Introducing... The Screamin' 'Mater

Our Subaru kicked the bucket last night. So, Clocky and I did our part to "stimulate the economy" at CarMax today. We're officially all Honda all the time. Heh.

If you need a car, I highly recommend the CarMax experience. Seriously. They are the "southwest airlines" of car sales. If you go in Nashville, ask for Larimore Henley. He was low pressure, sincere & spectacular.


I've "gone country"... and so can you!

No... I haven't really "gone country" but a girl can pretend can't she?! Isn't this video a trip?! P|R created this site for CMT. Check it out and forward the link to your friends... so they can go country, too!


Rockin' Red Microwave

Replaced our old microwave (circa 1992) that finally gave out before
the holidays. Used a holiday gift cert (thanks tony & brenda!) towards
this rockin' red one from Target. Wonder if this one will last 17