Do you know the way to San Jose?

I'm going to San Jose for a web usability workshop next week. (Leave early afternoon on Monday, 11.08, and return late afternoon on Wednesday, 11.10)
Can't wait.
It's gonna be GOOD.

Here's a link to the workshop:
Don't Make Me Think: The Workshop

It's actually being held in the San Jose Improv.

And, I'll be staying at the Hotel Montgomery a couple blocks away. From the looks of it on their site, it looks like a pretty cool hotel. (There are CD players in the room! Whoohooo.)

Anyone want to come along?!


Linda said...

Sure - as long as the trip comes out of your budget! ;)

Linda said...

My comment never showed up. :(

Linda said...

Ok - it was NOT there when I posted my second comment.

I swear.

BBLogan said...

Yeah...posting has been weird lately. No worries.

And...there's probably enough money in the budget considering someone's "eyes were bigger than their stomach" when they planned the 2004 budget last year.

Unfortunately, I think they've already allocated our excess to another department...wait...I think it was IT.


Anyway...I'll take pics and bring you back a book.