Paying the baby cougars a visit...

John and I made a special trip to the Nashville Zoo on Saturday to see the baby cougar cubs. They were sooooooo adorable.

We were the first to arrive at their exhibit area and as we walked up to them, they both came running down to the front of the display to greet us... cooing and chirping and purring. We had them to ourselves for a good 20 - 30 minutes before any other zoo patrons arrived on the scene. It was amazing. I wanted to take both of them home.

Here are the pics of our cougar cub zoo adventure.

Right now, Dakota and Montana (the cubs) are on loan and hanging out in the Lynx exhibit area until the Lynx move into their new home... not sure how long the cubs are going to be there, so, don't pass up a chance to see them!

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