There are Starfish Everywhere

With the historical rainfall and flooding in Nashville and the surrounding area this past weekend, so many people and places were affected in varying degrees.  Yeah... we sustained some damage to our yard, crawl space, AC/heat units... but that is nothing compared to the devastation all around us in Antioch, Mills Creek Area, Downtown, Bellvue... the list goes on. 

All of this left me feeling a little overwhelmned and helpless about where to begin and how to help the people of Nashville.

Then i thought about the "star fish" story.

You know... where there are thousands of star fish stranded on the beach by the outgoing tide.

A man comes along and starts throwing them into the ocean one-by-one.

Another man comes along and says, "you'll never save all of them."

The man responds by reaching down, picking up a star fish and throwing it back into the water, repeating this action over and over, each time saying, "I saved that one. I saved this one. I saved that one."

We've got a lot of starfish in the Nashville area right now... and every day that the water recedes, we find more starfish.

Let's keep working together and try not to be overwhelmed by it all... taking  it one day at a time... and helping people one-step-at-a-time.

Because We Are Nashville.

I'm proud to be a part of this community.

Start here:
Nashvillest has a great page they are continually updating with links to places where you can donate, volunteer, help get the word out, etc. Please lend a hand any way you can: Nashville is Flooded. How can I help?

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Anonymous said...

Aaahhwww, very cool Jeanne! Love it : ) ~ Denice