We Are Nashville. We still need your help.

It's been almost a month since historic rains fell on Middle TN... pushing streams, creeks and rivers out of their banks, saturating the ground and leaving a wake of destruction in places you'd never even imagine water would flow.

People still need your help, both financially and physically. 
We've made a lot of progress, but restoration is far from over. As the immediacy of the situation fades, there are tons of people around Nashville and Middle TN who still need help getting their lives, homes and means of making a living back. It's estimated that it will take more than FIVE YEARS for those affected to be back to normal. 

Lend a hand where you can:  
Hands on Nashville
United Way

Give what you can:  
Nashville Red Cross

A song dedicated to Middle TN's resiliance.
United Way of Middle TN's song written & performed by Erika Chamers along w the music / bgvs of Blue Mother Tupelo)

Nashville Flood PSA narrated by Billy Bob Thorton:

Victoria Banks' song. Proceeds benefit Nashville Red Cross:

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