Where is BB?

Wow. One post so far this year. I'm really sharin' some great stuff, eh?
*insert sarcastic smile*

Well... know I'm reconsidering my hiatus from writing on BB's Blog.
Things are crazy.
Let's just leave it at that.

Good news is, I've got some cool gigs coming up in November.

Come out if you're so inclined.

11/11 - Friday, 8:30 - The Ruteledge:
Singing BGVs with Lisa Gray at her CD Release & Birthday Party

11/17 - Thursday, 6 pm - Bluebird Cafe: 
Karleen Watt, Bart Allmand, Clare Dunn, Jeanne Petersen Richardson

11/26 - Saturday, 6:30 pm - Bluebird Cafe
Karleen Watt, Rick Huckaby, Jeremy McComb, Jeanne Petersen Richardson

Meanwhile... I'm going to get back in gear about posting.

Miss ya'.
Mean it.

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