Bluebird Cafe Annual Christmas Party

Monday night I went to the Bluebird Cafe's annual Christmas celebration. It was great. Met and saw some great songwriters: Michael Johnson, Nanci Griffith, Jonell Mosser, Vicki Carrico, T. Graham Brown, Lari White, Pat McLaughlin and more.

It was GREAT.

AND...our friend Rick Lonow (he plays with Crystal Gayle, Burrito Deluxe - formerly "The Flying Burrito Brothers" and tons of cool people. Great drummer.) was playing the skins with the band that was backing all the artists throughout the night. That meant that Ellen, his partner and our friend, was also there hanging out. Whoohoo.

One of the highlights of the night was getting to meet Michael Johnson and visit with him. I'd seen him play in Sioux Falls a couple times before we came to Nashville and really enjoyed it. (Remember "Bluer than blue" and "Give me wings"?) Anyway, he was great. Says he's going to be in Sioux Falls at the Nitwits Comedy club ...so watch for it!

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