Lemon in my tea.

OK... for all of you out there who bring a bottle of lemon juice to work, only to have some over zealous fridge cleaner throw it away OR to be the supplier of lemon for everyone who also likes lemon in their tea, there's something new out there that you've got to try:


A few weeks ago I was given a sample.
Tried it.
Loved it.

True Lemon is the size of a sugar packet and packed with lemon flavor. According to the outside of the box, it is a "crystalized lemon substitute." No sugar added. Just pure lemon yumminess.

So, I ordered a sample box and gave it to the person who orders our break room supplies at work hoping she would try it, like it and see the value in having TrueLemon as part of the regular hot beverage condiment options.

I had pretty much given up hope until this morning. Just now, as I walked into the break room to make my morning tea... there it was tucked neatly between the Nutrasweet and the Splenda!

No more going to the break room fridge to find an empty bottle that someone else finished off... or to find no bottle at all.


Life is good.


dp said...

SWEET! Or should I say, SOUR!

B.J. said...

I feel your pain with the overzealous fridge cleaners thing. It seems that the line between "horrific middle-school science experiment gone wrong" and "Tony Shalhoub-like obsessive-compulsive clean" is an impossible one to walk.