Big Girl needs a home

OK my blog peeps... help me out here before we have another animal added to our household! Thankfully, we don't have a fence or I'd probably be posting about our new dog.

INSTEAD... keep reading if you or someone you know is thinking about adopting a dog.

JTC called to let me know that one of the vets at his PT gig is fostering a gold lab (that's what they think she is anyway). She's about 70 lbs, adorable and someone is probably really missing a pet that was lost. They've done everything they can to find the owner but have had no luck. So, now they just want to find a home for her that is as nice and friendly as she is... John says she knows tons of commands (sit, shake, etc.), is house broken, spade and just as sweet as can be.

If you're interested in adopting this cool dog, currently known as "Big Girl", give Grassmere Animal Hospital a call [615.832.6535] and ask for Dr. Lambeth.


Laura Creekmore said...

Tell him to keep a watch out for bichon frise puppies in need of a home. I am just that dumb that I am thinking of getting another animal myself! BUT only that one kind. And only if the timing is right: I want to get it while I am off work con el bambino, so as to better integrate all new members of the house. Think he can help with that [admittedly very tall] order??

tessa said...

Ohhhh...I love golden labs. Will they trade for a naughty weimaraner? HA! BTW... I have a fence you could borrow :) I've heard from the girl that you two are on phone probation. You make me laugh.

BBLogan said...

L: I've alerted my sources to be on the lookout... and YES... I do think you are CRAZY. **wink**

T: Thank goodness you are 1000 miles away... or I'd be in trouble with that "you can borrow my fence" offer! HA.

Monette said...

This is too weird to ignore. I am buying a house and just had said to a friend, "I can't wait to get a dog again and I think her name will be she."
I am reluctant to try to move out of a place (that doesn't allow pets) into a new home, while attempting to get aquainted to my new found friend and family member. But...I can't ignore the serendiptious coincidence.

BBLogan said...

Go for it Monette!