What the heck should we call it?!

Well... JTC brought the kitten home for the weekend. And, suffice to say, it now has a home for good. (No surprise, right?!)

Scat and Cammie are still wary of the little tyke. However, slowly but surely, their curiosity is overpowering their annoyance with the whole situation. To avoid any assassination attempts in our absence, we put the kitten safely in its carrier in the living room. So far, this seems to be helping. The resident cats are are able to get close and get used to his smell without having to actually touch him! HA.

Now that we've decided to keep him... we have ANOTHER dilemma:

What the HECK should we call it?!

Here are some options:

Chopper (Because it likes to bite things)
Oliver (Because it is an orphan)
Tigger (Because it is a pouncy spaz)
Sue (Because it is a boy and we keep referring to it as "she")
Zig (Because it is always zig zagging around when it plays)
Ali (Because it is a little fighter... got the scratches to prove it.)

Got any you like?
Do have any better ideas?

Bring it on!

UPDATE: JTC and I are thinking of calling the kitten "Leon" after the fighter (what's his name... you know...) He's such a spunky little thing and very agile. What do you think of that?


Denice said...

I'm so glad you're making a new home for him. I like the name "Tiger" myself. Have fun with your new kitty. He's so cute!

~ Denice

Sarah Ashlee said...

I like Oliver or
Scrappy...you know...from Scooby Doo!

BBLogan said...

Oooohhh... Scrappy is CUTE. Definitely need to add that to the list of options.

Emily said...

It's gotta be "Sue".

Kyle said...
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Kyle said...

Well Miss BB Logan, the cute name "Buster" is already taken. At first, we were considering Holy Terror, Lucifer, and Evil Kinevil. Good Luck with the cuite!!

Chez Bez said...

Ha Ha!

I saw the name Cammie on your post and thought of asking you her last name to see if she was a girl I used to date. Then I read a bit more closely and found that you were talking about a cat.

I guess it's not her after all.

BBLogan said...

Definitely not her...Unless you were dating a cat! Well... you know what I mean. *wink*