Know how to fix a fridge?

If the answer is yes... then I could use a little advice.

I think it was Monday night when I noticed that the motor on our fridge was running louder and longer than normal. But, I wasn't sure. Then, when John got home, he noticed it before I could say anything.

So, we proceeded to get out the handy manual that came with our Whirlpool Gold. In the troubleshooting section of the very thin booklet it indicated that there might be too much in the freezer and/or too much in front of the vent in the freezer. So, we moved things around and hoped for the best.

As far as I we could tell, it seemed to be running fine after that.

Then, tonight, it just didn't seem like the fridge was cool at all. John turned the temp down, but it didn't take. So, a couple hours ago he went out into the garage and got our little fridge (the one I had in my office back in the day when I had an office. Miss that.) Anyway... I digress.

I fit as much of the dairy and ultra perishable items as I could into the teeny appliance. They are now resting comfortably cool... including a pint of Blue Bell Ice Cream (It's the closest thing to Schwann's Ice Cream I've ever had... a Nebraska fav and great memory... but that is another post. BOTTOM LINE: It had to be saved at all costs!)

As of right now, everything in the fridge seems a little cooler than room temperature. Not exactly safe. But, while there is frost on the back wall, everything in the freezer still seems to be frozen.

Normally, this would be a non-event in our household. John and I would call the repairman and make due until we could get it fixed.

But today is different.

This afternoon John's parents arrived from Iowa. They are visiting through Monday and we have a fridge full of food. While the dairy and ice cream are tucked safely away in the teeny fridge... I have a feeling we'll wake to thawed freezer items.

Given all this, my normally rock-steady husband went to bed pissed. He's been looking forward to his parent's visit for weeks... and wants things to be perfect. Understandable... yes?

So, I'm hoping to find a way to get this taken care of for him. I don't want something as silly as a fridge compressor or fan motor or condensor or whatever it is to get in the way of a fun time.

The last couple hours I've spent time researching possible problems / solutions and educating myself on what they might cost.

Tomorrow morning I'll be calling Best Buy (where we purchased our Whirlpool Gold five years ago) a call. Thankfully we have a service plan which coincidentally ends on October 5th. Guess we're getting the broken stuff in just under the wire.

In the meantime, if any of you have suggestions / cautions / experiences to share out there about appliance repair, I'd appreciate any advice you can provide.


UPDATE: All better. Whew.


Chez Bez said...

As a friendly gesture, I will store all of your Blue Bell ice cream at my house. Just don't expect me not to eat it all.

Good luck with serious advice.

BBLogan said...

Funny man... you must be tired AND delirious.

Linda said...

So, I have to ask, "Is your refrigerator running?"...

BBLogan said...

**hee hee**
I've been waiting for that one.
**BIG smile.**

Thanks... I needed that!

Laura Creekmore said...

Now I have to say, I hope my family does not read your blog. Because for YEARS they have made fun of me, because I keep my freezer JAM-PACKED. Even when I had an extra freezer [sold it with the old house -- miss that!! Can't wait to replace...] I stuffed both of them. So the idea that you might be able to make your freezer TOO full...well there's no need to mention this to my family, k? Because I've been telling them all this time about freezer "efficiency" and some such.

Laura Creekmore said...

Side note on the comment word-proofing: If I can't read the word, can we somehow just submit this eye test to my optometrist? It might save me an hour and a half in her office.