Optimum Rollabilitation

Today, Linda, DP and I went to lunch at Calypso on Thompson Lane. We had the black bean salad, the boca burger and the Lucayan salad... respectively.

When we went to pay, this is the sign that was taped near the register, "For optimum ball point rollabilitation, sign credit card HERE!"

Loved it!

Then, I said to Linda, "If I had a camera phone, I'd take a picture of that."

As we walked out of Calypso, Linda said to me, "I'll send this to you when I get back to work."

Linda had a camera phone.
Linda took a picture.
Linda ROCKS.
And, "rollabilitation" has officially been added to my vocabulary.


Linda said...

Linda's sorry she got her finger in the picture...

dp said...

Linda Dubs does rock. She ROCKS.