Happy Birthday Billy Block!

After my round at the French Quarter last night, I headed over to the Exit / In to help Billy Block celebrate his 50th birthday.

It was quite a show and worth a getting little less sleep than normal.

The line-up was stellar with Jeffrey Steele making a special appearance at the end of the night.

Dave Olney - Americana star
Buck Jones - Texas country
Pat McLaughlin - Roots rocker deluxe
Jubal Lee Young - Western Beat rocker
Kevin Welch - The one and only

Good times... good times.

Of course, I forgot my camera.
**foiled again**



Chez Bez said...

Everytime I miss a Dave Olney show, I know I have missed greatness. Everytime I have seen him, I have brought someone along who has never heard of him. And each time, he ends up with a new fan.

BBLogan said...

Yeah. I'm a big fan of Pat McLaughlin as well. He is so soulful and rhythmic.

I had heard of Kevin Welch, but not experienced him until Tuesday night. His stuff is very sincere and unpretentious. And, his son sat in on a song... he really blew me away. He was playing the banjo and his voice really captivated me. Unfortunately, for the life of me, I can't remember his name right now. He's great and is one of the sound guys at the Bluebird... so I should remember it. Oh well.