Mom's Extreme Kitchen Make-over

Earlier this year, my Mom and Dad went to "The Hill" as they call it (a casino in Wagner, SD) to have some fun. Mom played the progressive nickel slots and hit it big ($21,000).

Viola, new kitchen fund.

If anyone deserves a new kitchen, it is my Mom. As a farm wife, she spends most of her day in there making meals, preparing for meals, making lunches for men in the field, baking bread, pies, cookies... she's like her own little restaurant.

I took the first four photos when I was home in May, knowing the kitchen was on its way out and it was the last time I'd see the place I knew so well. My Grandpa built the house with his own two hands, so it was definitely a piece of history. Dad grew up running around in that kitchen. When Mom & Dad were married (37 years ago today... Happy Anniversary!), my Grandma taught my Mom how to cook / bake there. And, then my Mom and Grandma taught me how to cook, bake, can and create in this kitchen. (Good times... Good times.)
ANYWAY... Note the fridge and line of cupboards on the left side of the first pic as well as the wall on the right side of the pic with the door.
You'll see in the AFTER pics farther down that those cupboards and that wall are no longer there and the fridge is on the other side of the room. COOL.

See the wall on the other side of the table... it's gone, too. And that window in the pic with the secretary desk... it is now a sliding glass door.
Here are the pics my Mom sent me of her new big wide-open kitchen. Mom said it feels like she moved into a new house. How cool is that?!Who says nickel slots don't pay! **wink**I can't wait to see it in person!


Laura Creekmore said...

Wow!!!! It looks so spacious and new! I bet your mom is having a ball! I am excited for her.

There is nothing like a new kitchen to make a girl smile. :)

BBLogan said...

Exactly. Makes me homesick. I want to go try it out! ;)