Iowa Visitors... whoohoo!

Tomorrow, John's parents are coming to visit from Iowa. They should arrive around 3 p.m. or so.

We can't wait!

Their excuse to visit is Cory's (John's cousin) wedding. Whoohoooo.

Friday, Gertie and I are going to a wedding shower for Marie (Cory's future wife.). Then Tom, Gertie, Tom and I are traveling with JTC up to KY for a BMT gig. Then, Friday night, I promised Jonell I'd help her at her gig... so I'm hoping Gertie will want to come along!

Saturday, I'm sure we'll do something fun. (After a CLC Special Council Meeting at 9 a.m. wwwaaaaaaaaaahhhh.) The wedding is at 2 p.m. followed by a reception and dance. We'll get to see tons of people from John's family there and I can't wait. Everyone is sooooo cool. At 6:30 or so, Gertie, Tom and I will skip out of the reception to go see JTC play at 3rd & Lindsley with BMT. And, if we are still up for it, we'll go back to the reception after that.

Sunday, I have a feeling we'll be making a trip to the Pancake Pantry. It's a tradition! Who knows what we'll do Sunday afternoon, but it may involve a nap. **wink**

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