Two nights in a row

Monday night, LaLa, Natalie and I went to The Basement to see Jedd Hughes. He was incredible and his band (guitar, drums, bass) was tight. The drummer was trippin' me out... he was so good. Rodney Crowell was in the audience an he ended up sitting in... the highlight of the night. Very nice.

Tuesday night, JTC played with Ben Blankenship for The Basement's New Faces Night featuring four new acts: Adam Weaver, Dawson Wells, The Divine Brown and Ben Blankenship.

Thought maybe I'd run into newton who was planning to be there to support his friend Dawson, but we didn't connect. Oh well... next time!

I'm actually thinking I might try to book a gig at The Basement. The vibe and the intimacy of the room is very cool. We could pack the place!

Right now, I'm working on getting in the studio to cut some demos. Maybe I'll make them into a little EP and see if I can talk Grimey (he's co-owner of the place) into letting me hold my own CD release party there or something?! You in if I can make it happen?!