Hell's Kitchen Finale

When JTC and I first started watching this show, we thought Gordon Ramsey was a real SOB.

Well, last night we watched the two hour finale and he has officially won us over. He's really passionate about being a chef and serving people... and he accepts nothing less than a person's best work.

Michael won the chance to own his own restaurant... but at the last minute (or at least what Fox wanted you to think was the last minute) Gordon Ramsey offered Mike the chance to study under him first. From what I can tell from the Fox site, Mike still gets his own restaurant, but it won't open until 2007 so he can study with Ramsey first. Very cool.

For more than ten years, I worked in restaurants to put myself through college and supplement my income out of college. So, watching the show was very interesting. I think it educated people about what goes on in the back of the house. For the most part, it was pretty true-to-life. I hope Fox signs-on for another season.
**fingers crossed**

Who knows... maybe I'll try my hand at Hell's Kitchen.

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