$185 Repairs... priceless

OK... I just have to share this with y'all.

In the past four weeks we've had a few small repairs on the house and car... plus I traveled home last weekend and had flight delays on the way home and cancellations on my way back.

My sentiments about this can best be described using the MasterCard commercial concept:

Air conditioner cleaning / recharge: $185
Garage door spring repair: $185
Snaking the main drain of our house: $185
Fixing the Honda Element: $185
Not having to pay for flight delays / cancellations: Priceless.

What is going on here?

First... it just must be our turn for repairs and flight trouble... cause we've gone for years without much of either.

Second... Have businesses come to the conclusion that $185 is a great price point?
When John called me to tell me his car repairs were going to cost $185... all I could say is, "Shut your mouth... you did not just say that!" Then we just laughed hysterically.

Thank goodness for MasterCard... seriously.