Frist Friday is TODAY!

Just wanted to remind you to stop downtown this evening for a nice little kick-off to your Labor Day weekend... Let Lee Roy and the band help you and your friends celebrate a cool summer evening at Frist Fridays, tonight @ 6 and 7:45.


Sam gets discovered!

How cool is this?! Sam the Cooking Guy, one of our long-time clients at cabedge, landed his own show, Just Cook This!, on the Discovery Channel.

Congrat's Sam!

You can watch every Thursday, starting September 6th at 8pm - two shows back to back.

That's NEXT Thursday folks... mark your calendar and let me know what you think!


But I Digress... Back to the Well

Just a quick note to invite you out to see two of my favorite artists perform in Nashville this week:

Shawn Byrne
3rd & Lindsley
Shawn is really having some great success! The Grascals are cutting two of his songs and he was just featured in Maverik Magazing (a music publication in Europe). He'll be performing songs from his recently released CD, "But I Digress"

FRIDAY, 6 & 7:45 P.M.
Lee Roy Parnell
Frist Friday @ the Frist Center for the Arts
Lee Roy is the real deal. He's a hitmaker with an amazing voice, legendary slide guitar stylings and a kick-butt band. He and the guys will be performing songs you know like "Heart's Desire", "On the Road", "That's My Story"... PLUS, songs from Lee Roy's latest release, "Back to the Well". What a great excuse to see some fine Texas Blues and soulful country music while enjoying fine food, wine and art!

Johnny the Clock is hittin' the skins on both gigs, too... so of course... You KNOW I'll be there!

Hope you can make it out to one OR BOTH!


$185 Repairs... priceless

OK... I just have to share this with y'all.

In the past four weeks we've had a few small repairs on the house and car... plus I traveled home last weekend and had flight delays on the way home and cancellations on my way back.

My sentiments about this can best be described using the MasterCard commercial concept:

Air conditioner cleaning / recharge: $185
Garage door spring repair: $185
Snaking the main drain of our house: $185
Fixing the Honda Element: $185
Not having to pay for flight delays / cancellations: Priceless.

What is going on here?

First... it just must be our turn for repairs and flight trouble... cause we've gone for years without much of either.

Second... Have businesses come to the conclusion that $185 is a great price point?
When John called me to tell me his car repairs were going to cost $185... all I could say is, "Shut your mouth... you did not just say that!" Then we just laughed hysterically.

Thank goodness for MasterCard... seriously.

No... you haven't eaten a spider.

Thanks to Charles for finding this mythbuster... we can all rest easy now.

But now... how do I explain the spider aftertaste in my mouth every morning?


What's your rap star name?

Mine is "little soul".
What's yours?

(Thanks to Connie... um... I mean... Killa Trip for hippin' me the rapizzle linkizzle.)



Clocky's been working at updating his website content this week AND he is also going to try to post more often... YAY!

We still need to add his dates... hopefully that will be done by the end of the week. But, if you must know where to find his tick-tock-time between now and then, go to the tour page of Lee Roy Parnell's site, Chip Green's show list and Shawn Byrne's sked.

To help him celebrate his new found desire to communicate w/friends, family and fans... we also updated his look a little bit. We thought the postal theme represents all the traveling he's been doing over the past 17 years. Good times. Good times.

He's also got some exciting things in the works for the rest of 2007, so check back throughout the year to see what Clocky's got cookin'.

We need help in the cabedge-patch!

**We interrupt this blog for an important message from the head of cabedge.**

Hi there. I'm hoping you can help.

Our little corner of the net is growing and we're in need of some good talented people.

We're looking for an...
* Interactive Designer
* CSS / Javascript Developer

If you know anyone who fits, please pass along this message from me...

"We need you."



At cabedge, we stress design as an overall communications strategy. The sites we build are much more than pretty pictures. They're tools that help people find information, share wisdom, and buy stuff. A pretty project is nothing unless someone can quickly and easily find the information they're looking for.

In addition to a strong portfolio of interactive work, we're looking for a Nashville area user-interface / graphic design professional who shares this philosophy and has a strong eye / ear for all things creative.

Not a code monkey? Don't worry. Although a strong working knowledge of CSS is definitely preferred, we're looking for a brand advocate first. Someone who can take a high level, strategic perspective, then design and direct a consistent "voice" for a brand with an emphasis on usability.



We're looking for a Nashville area web development professional with a strong working knowledge of CSS and JavaScript to work with designers in turning Photoshop files into living, breathing websites. Cross-browser awareness, experience with Web 2.0 fun (AJAX, JS, Rails), Linux and MySQL experience preferred. MySQL, Ruby on Rails, PHP, and/or Python knowledge helpful.


Don't live in Nashville, but willing to relocate? Let's talk.

At cabedge, we stress design as an overall communications strategy. The sites we build are much more than pretty pictures. They're tools that help people find information, share wisdom, and buy stuff. We think that a pretty project is nothing unless someone can quickly and easily find the information they're looking for. We're serious about our work, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. If you share this philosophy, we would love to hear from you.

Check us out at www.cabedge.com.

If you think you're a good fit for either of these positions, or know someone who is, send links of work samples to iwannadevelop@cabedge.com.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Chris Blanz
(head of cabedge)


"The Hit Men of Music Row"

Fresh from the website of hit man, Tony Mullins:

What do you get when you combine: four guys, 38 #1 songs, more than 150 million records sold, more music awards than you can shake a stick at... and long lasting friendships?

You get The Hitmen of Music Row.

Tony Mullins, Bob DiPiero, Jeffrey Steele & Craig Wiseman have been writing hits and shaping the face of Country music for nearly 25 years. Now the four friends are taking their antics on the road and to viewers nationwide.

Their new reality TV show premieres on GAC Wednesday, Sept 26th... and will air every Wednesday and Friday night this fall. The show chronicles the writing sessions, studio recording, writer nights and whatever trouble the four get themselves into.

Can't wait to watch it. These guys are the real deal... and man do they know how to laugh, tell stories and write a song. Even if you're not a songwriter, this show promises to be a good'n.