Cheers to Robin

So... about three weeks ago I was getting my hair cut. Bill Vandiver, my hair strategist *wink*, and I were talking about how incredible my friend Emily's paintings are... cause they are Emily... (don't argue with me young lady!) and how she'd donated some to help raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation.

Anyway... the conversation lead to another conversation about an event Bill was hosting as part of his nomination for Man of the Year, "Cheers to Robin". Thinking that contributing a painting was a cool idea (thanks, Em!) I offered to donate a painting to the event.

Then, Bill says, "I want to tell you about Robin... and see if you can visualize something to paint for the Cheers to Robin Benefit I'm hosting next week."

So... he proceeds to tell me about Robin's big personality, her love for cheerleading (she was a Kat's cheerleader), her love for vibrant colors and zest for life. He said she was the kind of person who'd light up a room. Unfortunately, she lost her battler to Lymphoma a few years ago... and her friends want her light and legacy to live on.

Well... this is what I painted to donate to the cause. Not my typical painting... but it was fun to do something different. Hopefully it doesn't come off as irreverent... it is a celebratory martini glass... or... it is a person w/colorful pom poms. Was trying to capture the spirit of "Cheers to Robin" on all levels.
The actual event was amazing... and in true Bill fashion, he made me feel so special. He had prints made of the painting for me to sign and he had prints made to give to all of Robin's friends at the event. And, he hadn't told anyone about the painting until the night of the event. It was so heartwarming to see everyone's faces as we pulled the cover down and presented it.

Bill's got an amazing heart. It was an honor to be able to use my gifts to contribute to such a great cause. He's still in the running for Man of the Year... please help support him in any way you can.

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Denice said...

I love you, Jeanne...You are SO amazing!

So...do I get the honor of having a smaller rendition of your painting? : )

~ Denice